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Evil Elvis:
Gamespot has an article up about it now.  Evidently they plan on making an official announcement tomorrow.

The only things it really mentions is that:

1) The expansion pack will have a texture upgrade.  Something they've mentioned before, but there's still no word about any increases to poly count.

2) There's going to be some form of resource and land control system.  I don't know what to think of this, considering some of the ideas they've floated lately.

That game needs SO much more than a simple texture upgrade to not look like anything other than play-mobil.  Yeah, yeah, gameplay is what matters, yadda yadda, if so, then why the texture upgrade?

Unless they get rid of automatic macro leveling, dungeon whoring afk people then I'm not interested. I went back to AC1 about 6 months ago, and all the good spots were eaten up with afk macroing people.

Its good they nerfed the allegiance system so that only a patron 2 tiers up gets XP, but they need a new set of fresh servers. Under the old chaining system there's bascially tons of level 150-300 people walking around, and the AC1 content over the last year and a half has been geared towards those guys.  With the exp chain nerf, getting level 150+ isn't going to be the norm, and it will cause potential new players a lot of fucking grief if they try to enjoy the high level content.

New server is coming, one with the new chain rules.

And now that Turbine is away from MS, they've actually started being rather draconian with their afk macro policing.

Personally, my opinon is "too little, too late". The regular servers are basically fubar, with the legions and legions of 150+ lvl players. The new server will wind up bogged down all to hell.

And still, after all these years, the lag is still fucking horrible in game.

El Gallo:
The central problem is that the game mechanics are very, very shallow, so the whole thing comes across as a very naked grind.  It is still kind of fun in the "I don't want to think hard enough to play Diablo" kind of way, because it has some character.


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