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Quote from: Brolan on March 04, 2018, 04:28:17 PM

I got my first carrier, the Langley.  After two disastrous outings I finally got my first win. 

Holy smokes, carriers are a whole other game by themselves.

I've taken carriers up to T7 in the US and T6 IJN. I refuse to take them any further. Then again with 6 T10 ships under my belt, I've given up on the game. It's painful.

I'm still playing this, if anyone wants to division up, I have the same username in game. Also, BBs no longer chan fire from smoke as effectively; the enemy has to be waaaaaaaaaaaay far away to get to shoot and still not be spotted in smoke. Smoke on a cruiser is still worth it for the cruiser to shoot from, but a BB would mostly use it as a place to wait in gun silence safely while the heal timer refreshes.

Seems like subs are coming in 2019, for real.  They're also changing the way carriers work drastically.

Subs will attract new players, but will not be good for the game.  I'm calling it now. 

The carrier changes shown are profoundly stupid.  Instead of a ship commander you are a squadron commander as you endlessly swoop in and attack. And attack in a ludicrous way because your squadron of 12 will swoop in and attack but only 3 will drop their ordinance.  Those 3 will leave after the attack to re-arm while the remaining 9 will do it over again by threes until everyone is empty or shot down.


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