KingsRoad (cross-platform ARPG)



Been playing this a bit with my little brother.  At this point in its evolution it's a very polished game.  Simple to play, yet entertaining if done in a group.  Grindy, but fun. Lotta loot.  Blah blah.  The usual stuff.  I like that parties are encouraged and rewarding, the loot, skills, and RMT items flow generously, you dont NEED to p2w, there's guild support, alot of challenging events, and most of all... it's cross platform PC, iOs, droid.

Guild is up: "Bat Country"
I'm ingame as "Ghambit"

Right now focusing on a tank-knight.  Although there are only 3 classes per se, buried within them are the other typical classes (healer, pet-handler, dps, aoe, ninja, control, etc.).
I will re-post this in the mobile section as that tends to get more views.  Nice diversion that I'll get bored of in a week probably, but eh... worth a post.

Yes there is lvl apprenticing, crafting, map mastery, dungeons, and all that.

Why did you post the same thing twice rather than putting a pointer in one to the other? Pick one fourm.


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