Albion Online - Upcoming sandbox UO style (isometric view included)

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Albion Online is sandbox MMORPG being developed in Germany by a small company called... uh.. Sandbox Interactive.

There isn't much to say other than it offers a lot of the things you would expect from a sandbox MMORPG, meaning permanent housing, classless characters, lots of crafting, heavy PvP and full loot, player driven economy and so on. Seems like they are doing PvP with some bits of EVE in mind, with zones of three colours, Green (safe), Yellow (not so safe), Red (free for all), with the red ones having the best stuff, resources, etc. At the same time, they are implementing some interesting anti-zerg tools, basically making zergs visible on everyone's map, and literally debuffing players running around in a zerg (they take more aoe damage).

There's a lot of positive buzz around this one, but at the same time there are a couple of obvious issues. The first being the graphics, clearly dated, stylistically questionable, and overall just not cool. The second is supposed to be a strenght but I fear it will eventually be the cause of an infinite amount of problems and delays on top of dumbifications of all sorts, and it's the cross platform nature. That's right, Albion Online is supposed to work on Linux, Max, PC, Android and iOS right from the get go with all these platform playing together on the same servers.

It will be Free to Play when it'll be released. It is currently in closed Alpha and spending money on it won't even let you play right away. The "Winter Alpha" ended a few weeks ago and the "Summer Alpha" should start in late April. Despite being in such an early stage of development, there is no NDA and lots of video of what looks like a functional and enjoyable game have been shared on Youtube since early 2014. Here's one of the best:

A few more videos:

- Character Progression.

- Trading.

- Classless character System.

If you read to this point you may as well decide to take a look at their roadmap for the next closed Alpha. It illustrates very well what are they trying to achieve and what problems thety have already discovered and how they are trying to tackle them. Personally I appreciate that they are not granting constant access to the founders. This way they can really pack a lot of new stuff between builds, instead of little incremental steps that give the impression nothing is really changing.

I watched a lot of the last alpha of this game.  It was impressively smooth for the parts I saw.  I'm very interested in seeing how this develops because it looks like one of the few well done PVP games coming out.

Bikeman Displays the PVP Draw

I've been clamoring for a game like this for a while now, so I'll definitely keep an eye on it.

That was fun!  Flashback to Shadowbane where I ran away the entire time I played.  I was super squishy but boy could I run away!  I might have to play this, too. 

Tried it out. It felt like the gameplay and combat suffered to make it work on tablets. The structures only served as crafting stations except the bank which was a bank. It certainly wasn't the sandbox mmo that I've been looking for. I believe it's inferior in quality to UO. There's no reason to play this game over a UO emulator. Instead of sandbox it might be better classified as a simulator... Grinding simulator. You will spend thousands of hours of chopping wood/rocks for upgrading buildings or making gear.


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