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So a huge [3 hundred an something au across] wormhole system called Thera with stations and special rules,alongside another hundred or so of new special wormholes, removal of clone costs and skill loss on clone destruction [implants still die], a beta phase of using the wsad keys for manual control, a new ship designed for carrying fitted ships, T3 destroyers , new blackbird model along with the past recent changes including new industrial content, all t1 & t2 combat drones being useful now [not just hobs and warriros anymore etc], overview sharing, new notification system and the all important unlimited skill queue.

Maybe CCP are edging towards redeeming themselves after the Incarna debacle. Looking forward to the sov changes which hopefully will be some time next year.

I heard that they majorly reduced the distance that capital ships can jump, too, in an attempt to reduce certain alliances' ability to control exorbitant amounts of space.

They are making a lot of changes, and pushing them out monthly, that's for sure.

I don't think they care about redeeming themselves.   That's a player point of view that they've done something wrong and have to redeem for it; I imagine that they view themselves as the best dev team in the world, and any changes they make are just more awesomeness, on top of the complete awesomeness of the game thus far.

They're changing the game because it's dated and they need something new, to keep player interest.   They've decided not to do EVE 2.0 as a separate game; they're taking the current game and changing it into its sequel.   I'm guessing that they want the current player base transitioned to EVE 2.0 as is, without the major land grab and rush that opening a new server would cause.  Though, I wouldn't make the assumption that players will get to keep everything they have; if this is a beta period and a transition to a new EVE, then release day may have a surprise wallet/assets reduction across the board, to curb inflation or "reset the economy" or whatever.

Sir T:
No, the problem is that if they actually made an Eve 2.0 their older players would lose all their skills and have to start from scratch again. That would create the kind of nerd screaming that has not been witnessed since NGE. I mean you have a game where you can splat the majority of players on e on one and is a griefing dream. And you want to suddenly have people on a level playing field again? PEOPLE ARE PAYING YOU GOOD MONEY FOR THE ABILITY TO GRIEF DAMMIT!!

That's one of the big things for people like me who have given away their old account. I can count out in my head the months of shit ("Ooh capacitor capacity! Yum!") skills I would have to do and frankly its not worth it. And its also what keeps long time players playing. I'll be honest its why I kept playing for a long while.

Quote from: Phildo on November 14, 2014, 02:03:46 PM

I heard that they majorly reduced the distance that capital ships can jump, too, in an attempt to reduce certain alliances' ability to control exorbitant amounts of space.

Yes and they added jump fatigue too, jump freighters are not as affected by the jump distance changes, jump fatigue accumulates which means no instant galaxy jump, jump bridges also create jump fatigue. All capitals can use stargates now too.

I also forgot to mention he warp speed changes which happened recently [in Kronos?], which means that warp speed actually matters, so interceptors can outrun a cruiser to catch it for example.


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