Brain Storm (Armor Games)


New Travian style game where you have thirty days to explore, amass resources, fight other players, and complete the Oracle Project. The central gimmick is that it also operates as a trivia game to boost production and 'master knowledge'. It also limits Alliance sizes to ten players.

I thought it was worth a spin.

The more I play, the more I get into it. The trivia challenges are interesting -- I'm genuinely satisfied with the difficulty level. In order to successfully attack other players, you have to answer their trivia questions correctly rather than have a battle determined by numerical outcomes.

Sure, there is an advantage to long-term players knowing the answers already and colluding, but given the nature of the game, its far more inviting than other games of this genre.

A new game, Da Vinci 2, started up for anyone that wants to give it a spin.

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