Game of Thrones: Ascent

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Pretty decent abstracted pbbg.  It's pretty much a simulation of an ascent to power in the realm of Westeros... aka, 'race to the top.'  I wont go into too much detail, 'cept to say there's not much tactical-play; it's all abstracted strat.  Most aggressive actions are modified dicerolls only; no animations.  It's all about planning here, not action.  Artwork and writing is topnotch, however, and production quality is very well done.

-There are many layers within the trees of course, and specialties are easily had. 

-Choosing a fealty engages a particular storyline with differing interactions.  For instance, choose the Lannisters and get to experience Tyrion's usual wit.  Starks?  Doom-gloom winter stuff, etc.

-Choices have alignment consequences also, which play into boons/banes you may have access to later.  (play a loyal arse or a devotee to rhlorr, whatever)

I've only just started so not sure how it'll hold up, but obviously the meat of the game lie in the Alliance system (and whatever backstabbery you can pull of within it).  There is actually a pretty neat coop "boss" adventuring system wherein you may have to pool resources/actions to complete... very similar to The West or Die2Nite. 

There are many, many layers to gameplay and I've not yet fooled with them all (basic crafting, pvp, alliance pvp, etc.) but it seems a promising title if you don't mind the production times (which get better as time goes on or money is added)  :oh_i_see:  and dont mind a bit of complexity.

Do I see this as an f13 game??  Meh, because it's predicated on being an fb social game.  You CAN play through Kongregate or disruptorbeam(above) but you wont have easy access to friend invitations; it's a tad clunky.  Best way around this is alliance formation from what I can see.

Here's my invite URL for friend invites:

They havent confirmed, but potential Android launch tommorow.  Excited!   :awesome_for_real:

If it's FB only then I'm not interested.  If not and it comes out on Android then I am very interested.

Quote from: Tannhauser on June 15, 2014, 12:02:29 PM

If it's FB only then I'm not interested.  If not and it comes out on Android then I am very interested.

it is.  Currently there is an ipad v3rsion.  Once polish is done they will release publically.

Speedy Cerviche:
So is this released? any good?


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