Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen turns out to be a real game (real bad, geddit?)

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The good news for those of us who like giving money to MMO developers is that gaming industry legend Brad McQuaid is going to start accepting our money very, very soon.

McQuaid, best known as one of the original EverQuest designers and Executive Producer on Vanguard, began work on his new secret project after leaving SOE in August. He has now revealed that the Kickstarter page for his new MMO will soon go up, in an announcement to his 767 followers on Twitter.

He said: "Kickstarter video will be an interview w/ me. We want to include questions from all of you, so this will be a good format. Unused questions will either be used in future interviews and/or be answered in our FAQ on our future web page. Super specific questions will likely be answered later as opposed to sooner.

"Please email your questions to -- we're excited to start this dialog with our future players!  We hope to have our kickstarter page up in the next 3 weeks or so. The game is high fantasy and if you've played EQ 1 and/or Vanguard, you've got a general idea of what the game's about and what kind of questions to ask:)"

I'm pretty sure I remember someone mentioning his secret MMO plans in another thread but I can't find it so I made a new one. Also, we're going to have lots of features to discuss once the Kickstarter page goes up. In fact, I confidently predict lots and lots and lots of features.

While I am not going to donate, I predict, seriously, that if it ever does come out then will give it a go and so will many of you.

A photo of Brad McQuaid




I hope he's got some fresh fail to serve up.
The last batch of fail was deep and delicious, but that was years ago. It's been well-trodden. That fail is stale.

I'm not encouraged by the hotmail address. Seems like he'd need a corporate backer, like the last time around, to make sure he lasts long enough to really entertain.


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