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Author Topic: Creative Director Update - October 2013  (Read 794 times)
Terracotta Army
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a polyamorous pansexual genderqueer born and living in the wrong country

on: October 08, 2013, 04:29:00 PM

Here's the link to the original page, and its feedback.

Phoenix Program Injected October 15th - What to expect.

If you pre-ordered a Phoenix package (excluding Saber package) before October 15th you can expect everything to be delivered into your account during downtime on the 15th. Players who have purchased Overlord or Guardian packages will be able to select and redeem between 2 and 4 cockpit hanging items from the 6 available factions. You will be able to select any combination of hanging items.

A note on Loyalty Points

While the functionality for rewarding LP is currently in the game, players are not able to use or control which faction they will earn LP for. We are actively building the features associated with earning and using LP. Loyalty Points will make their debut as part of Phase 1 of our CW delivery. See below for more information.

Content Going Live This Month

Mech(s): Locust, Shadow Hawk*, Thunderbolt*, Battlemaster*, Hero Atlas, and Champion Spider
Map(s): Crimson Strait
Pattern(s): Flame

* Available only if you have ordered a Phoenix Package.

October 15th Patch Preview


Update the EoR Screen so it will make more sense to the user.
Premium and 'Mech Boosters will affect how much XP you will get for First Victory of the Day.
A lot of 'Mechs have had a new LOD pass done on them, this will hopefully increase certain users performance.

Bug Fixes

Altas Founder head has it's collision back.
Streak SRMs no longer auto-aim on the Blackjack's center torso.
Fixed were users could see out of the world when using 3rd person near a vertical piece of terrain.
Moving a the reticle away from a targeted 'Mech will decay the lock-on once again.
A slew of map stuck bugs and visual issues.

October Public Test

We should be seeing the following features on PT:

UI 2.0 MechLab
DX 11 + Engine Update
UI 2.0 Pilot Lab (possible)

Community Warfare Building Blocks

The following features are part of the Community Warfare master feature. Each of these has been identified as an isolated feature that can be developed and released independently or as a group with other blocks. Each block is not created equal, some are incredibly large, some are very small. Im trying to find an easy way to visualize these blocks via the website, for now text will have to do.

Ready For Internal Test

Skirmish Mode (Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch

In Development

UI 2.0 MechLab
UI 2.0 Pilot Lab
UI 2.0 Misc.
Attack/Defend Mode
Loyalty Points
Mercenary Unit Life

Ready For Development

Private Matches
Player Level

In Design 3

Mercenary Life

In Design 2

Ready Screen
Loyalist Life
Inner Sphere
CW Economics
Mercenary Unit Assets
Mercenary Unit Logistics
Planetary Warfare
Front Warfare

In Design 1

Loyalist Unit Life

A note on development phases.

In design 1 A twinkle in our eyes, we are still brain storming.
In design 2 Feature brief has been presented to stake holders for vetting.
In design 3 Design has been approved and is being broken down into user stories.
Ready for development Design complete, waiting for resources to be assigned.
In development Resources assigned and actively working on feature.
Ready for internal test Feature is complete and ready to be tested by QA.
Ready for public test Feature has past basic internal testing parameters and is ready for public testing.

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