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Seems like a lot of you guys have been around EVE for a long time.  As a new player, I have no idea what's going on.  So what's the status of EVE right now?  Is it dying? Do you guys still have fun playing?  Is it way passed it's glory days?  Is there still a future for it?

The game has been around for 10 years, and it's had about the current amount of subscriptions, since the beginning.  You can check for graphs of how the player base varied over the years (the graphs show currently logged-on players, but multiply by 5x and you should get a rough estimate of subscribed players).

The devs have fucked up a few times in the past, and have delayed any sort of expansion for 18 months at one time.  They've focused on their other games and mostly ignored EVE before.  The game was set up from the start to require minimal work from the devs (they created a bunch of solar systems, a bunch of ships, a bunch of gear, and then left the players to their own devices, mostly - they don't have to create "content" like other MMO's where very expansion has to bring in a continuation of the lore, new higher level raid and PVP zones to experience, etc etc).

So, keeping that in mind, the last thing they did before their (nice) summer vacation was to rebalance a whole bunch of the ships and some of the combat mechanics to where they're arguably better now.  Then they stopped for vacation and are now coming back from it, but plans for the "winter expansion" haven't really been announced, and we don't know what they plan as far as releasing something to keep the interest going.

They've been focusing on their Dust514 game for the past year or so, and now that it's released and looking like it's going to flop, we're interested to see if the devs renew their efforts with EVE, with Dust, with other games, or what.

However, EVE gameplay fun depends A LOT on what the players are doing, namely if there are major alliance wars in 0.0 space, Hulkaggeddon or other initiatives in high-sec space, and general wars going on between your buddies and other people.  This is pretty much independent of the devs, really, so if you manage to find a good corp or group to do pvp with, it doesn't matter what the devs do or have done.

EDIT:  Also, as a new player, you'll be busy with figuring out the game and training your skills and figuring out PVP and making friends, and EVE is a slow paced game compared to other MMOs.  Just figuring everything out will probably provide enough entertainment and gameplay for a few months at the very least.  By which time they'll probably announce their expansions and patches and short/long term plans for the game.

Query: Would bringing Dust514 to other consoles and/or the PC help make it better, or is the problem deeper than an exclusive contract?

The problem is larger.  CCP turned off further development of EVE in favor of a console shooter.  Even that does not cover the issues.  They have nearly a googel sized laundry list of announced projects, promises and broken features that were announced.  These are the people who would admit to running server 'experiments' on your live fights and tell you to go fuck yourself when you complained about outside influence.  These are the people who would spawn ships and loot for friends, use dev assets to spy on enemies and give benefits (like stations, asset moving, region enhancement leaks) to the favored.  They leave bugs in place as features until someone does it to them.  It is like watching a drunk stagger around a cymbal shop. 

Besides the "it's CCP, what do you expect" issue, in my opinion Dust 514 is also an FPS with character and gear progression (the EVE kind) tacked on, that is trying to focus on these "features" to compete in a genre that is very full of really good and fun FPS games that focus on first person shooting.


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