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Mmmkay, it's been a while but here's a pretty nifty little strategic TCG I betaed:

Right now it's closed beta (easy to get a key though), and the end of week it'll go open beta.
I look at it as a "high culture" version of Pox Nora.  Soothing music, go-based territory control, simple trading, simpler gameplay - yet deep.  Design is very functional save some clunky ability activation. 

So far I like it better than the other strat TCGs out there (pox, scrolls?, cardhunter, etc.)

 Point me to a key, I'll take a look at it.

They shut down for the week in prep for Friday's beta release.  Unclear if they're going to open beta the game yet but it'll be a much larger closed beta at the very least.  I'll find some keys this weekend.
I should preface all of this by saying if you don't like strat TCG's you definitely won't like this game.   It's more strat then cardpulling/playing; hands are small, draws are minimal and cost actions, most abilities cost resources, etc.

Lastly, this is a Danish game so the font is straight arial translated rather then vectored or scanned...  so the text is very "Asian."   If their impending KS goes well maybe they can pay someone to pimp it, along with finishing the pve campaign.

game is not f2p nor sub-based.  It's flat purchase.  Cards are had/won by playing, trading, and tourneys.

If it's anything like PoxNora and not a buggy java mess I'm interested.


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