Trials of Ascension: The Triumphant Return of Vaporware :p

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Several years ago we took the MMO world by storm with our announcement of ToA. It's unique designs caught the attention of gamers world-wide. So much so that we were listed among the most anticipated MMOs on multiple game review sites. Unfortunately, while investors never doubted our ability to deliver, they weren't willing to take a risk on a design that was so different, preferring to keep to the safety of designs that cloned existing titles.

Amazingly, here we are all these years later still receiving emails almost daily from people believing in ToA and begging us to relight the forges of development. Your passion and perseverance hasn't fallen on deaf ears. We now know we can't give up. Not yet. We're going to give it one more try but we're going to need your help.

First, we're going to gauge interest here on the website while we do a limited amount of development. If you like what ToA has to offer, sign up on the forums and tell us what you think (which will automatically enter you for a chance to win an amazing prize), follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!

Assuming enough buzz is generated, we're going to post a project on KickStarter and see just how much you believe in it. If you deem ToA worthy enough to fund it, we will build the game without compromise and show the industry what it's been missing, all the while giving backers special access to the whole process!

You control the future of ToA as much we do. The question is, will you help?

I'm not going to lie: I had high hopes for this years ago.


Combat & Death
Combat in ToA will be non-consensual, meaning you will be able to attack anyone without them needing to be flagged for PvP.

Use this freedom wisely as there will be no 'conning' system to determine combat prowess of others and if your character dies too many times its soul becomes too weak and the icy cold hand of perma-death will take him forever.

Fortunately we will have unconsciousness that will serve as a buffer between life and death so actually killing someone will almost always be a deliberate act.

Not convinced perma-death can work or is for you? Give it a chance.


Perks of Perma-Death
October 11, 2012 - 10:43 AM

First, what is perma-death as defined in Trials of Ascension? Your character is permanently removed from game play upon its 100th death. We allow 100 deaths to account for normal loss during game play as well as things that are out of your control such as lag, server mishaps and bugs. Each player will know how many more deaths their character can incur before their soul is too weak to return to the living. We have also implemented unconsciousness as a buffer between life and death, meaning in most cases if someone (or something) wants to kill your character, it will need to be a deliberate action after you've been rendered harmless.

Because of the quoted text I am interested by default. Do I think it's ever going to be released in any acceptable form? No.




Sir T:
I think the battlefry of the forum for the next year should be Viribus Kicksrarter!!! (By the power of Kickstarter)


Looks like we will need to change the title on this one, as it is no longer VapourWare, and instead is now just a steaming pile of shit that has officially launched on Steam.

It is apparently as bad as one might expect it to be, which means watching the train wreck unfold should provide several hours of quality entertainment.


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