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Mine Things!

So, I didn't get very far in EVE, but I wanna say this is like a simple browser-based EVE where all the combat is automated so you don't have to actually sit there.  Niche of a niche.

It's essentially an economic MMOG.  The overall goal of the game is to collect different types of items (which you can combine into "melds"; the more melds you have, the more different things you can do and the better you can do them).  Different cities produce different items, and ultimately you want all of them.  Transporting items between cities is slow and opens you up to PvP piracy where people try to steal your shit.  Each player picks a single "profession" (class) that lets them do a certain set of things (you can change your profession at any time, but most professions are only available to players with a certain number of melds). 

From this, you get gameplay where some people make money by producing items and selling them locally, some people make money by transporting goods and selling them for higher prices than they fetch in their cities of origin, some people plunder goods as they're being transported, some people patrol the roads and plunder the plunderers, some people run banks, some people run factories.

It's verrrry slow-paced, but also requires almost no real-time investment -- you set a few things in motion (list some stuff on the market, dispatch some vehicles along a trade route, etc) and then wait a day to see how it pans out.  All player interaction is asynchronous and/or automated; there doesn't seem to be any point where you're rewarded for being online and reacting to stuff in real time.

As you'd expect, it's free to play, but you can get a boost by buying things with real money and/or Bitcoins.    :drill:

I'll try anything once...Luckton

Xanthippe's recruitment link.

(Samwise, I wish you'd put yours in there so you'd get credit for recruiting me!).

That tutorial took less than 5 minutes. Then I read this in welcome message:

So there's more to do later but nothing now? Seems a little thin but I'm game to find out.

It remains pretty slow-playing for a while.  Getting a full set of yellow equipment is roughly a 20% boost to your mining rate, so it's not going to radically alter anything; it's just a good start.

Mine gold from your starter mine instead of things.  I mined things for a while before realizing that just about anything I could get from my starter mine, I could buy on the market instead for 1 gold since the market is completely saturated with people mining that stuff and having nothing to do with it but give it away.

Which server?


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