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I can't believe this hasnt been mentioned yet but there's a new browser based f2p game coming out that looks really really good. for the start of a three part tour of the game atm. It's in alpha with a supported package that gets you guaranteed alpha access for 10$ and the game plays in full screen using the unity 3d engine. Other than good graphics we'll have to wait for an open access weekend to see how it plays. I hope they don't make the common mistake of not having animations be interrupt able.

While I love the theme, and I love indie products, this looks like garbage. I can't keep my eyes open through the first 3 minutes of the video (poor video and poor audio, not the game's fault), but I don't mean to write it off as utter rubbish. Since you seem pretty enthusiastic about it, would you mind putting down some of the key features or whatever made you think it's worth its own thread? I am in no way being snarky.

I'm sorry if you can't be assed to watch the videos why should I bother summarizing the points. You inquire if it deserves it's own thread is there some catch all thread you'd rather see it in? Maybe I could get a mod to move it to browser based games where it might get a better reception and more interest.

Whoa.. sand meet vagina.


I don't think starting a thread about an unknown game with only the link to a 30 minutes video is the proper way to generate interest about a game. I am curious, and still I can't see why I should dedicate 30, or 5, or 1 minute to watch anything that I know nothing about other than it's a MMORPG (!), it's on a browser (!!) and it's Steampunk (!!!).

If you want to give me a hard time feel free to feel like a cool kid, but I don't think I was being too demanding asking you to take the hassle of posting a few info about the actual game along with the shitty video link.


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