Vanguard, showing screenies

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For now they look like a new tweak of the SWG engine.
EQ2 style, but more inspired.

The last one seems *exactly* a render of DAoC's hibernia.

Quote from: HRose

EQ2 style, but more inspired.

Thats like saying something smells better than shit.

One name:

Brad McQuaid

After dealing with his bullshit and lies with EQ many years ago, I'll never trust that man to be intelligent or competent. The only thing that can come from shit is more shit.

Fooled me once, shame on you. Fooled me twice, shame on me.

PS: Yes I have a history with Brad. Including him directly lying to me to cover his ass.

Looks nice.  Too early to say anything else.  Some of them were so dark I am surprised they released them.  Nothing new.  Game in development looks pretty, film at 11.  This isn't a knock against you Hrose, I appreciate the link.

esad, get some help.  There are doctors that can help explain why the bad man touched you there.  You have to move on with your life.

Fuck Brad, I'm a superhero now. Biatch.


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