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Author Topic: Daredevil #1  (Read 2556 times)
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on: July 20, 2011, 09:01:54 PM

So for those who have abandoned Marvel, last summer's big event was Shadowlands. Matt Murdock kills Bullseye, loses himself, etc. all as part of a broader conspiracy by a sub-sect of The Hand. They then ran a series in the interim that was Matt re-finding himself and returning to his life as Daredevil. Now he's back in NYC, trying to rebuild his life and career.

It's a damn good read. 40 pages with the main book and a side story as well. I've always been partial to Daredevil. We have the same first name, we're both lawyers, similar issues with our fathers, etc. I have no idea if the talent on this new book screwed up other books before, etc. I don't really care.

Marvel still needs some help in the "how courtrooms/the law works" department, but aside from my nit-picky 'druthers about courtroom procedure, etc., this new book is great.

The Fear Itself summer event is cool and all, and the new Captain America book is pretty good. This new Daredevil blows that stuff out of the water.

It just came out today, and I highly advise nabbing a copy.

In other news, The Walking Dead is getting kickass again and DMZ is finishing up the book, but doing so with style and awesomeness.

This is L.H. Puttgrass signing off and heading for the tub!

I traded in my fun blog for several legal blogs. Or, "blawgs," as the cutesy attorney blawgosphere likes to call 'em.
Terracotta Army
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Reply #1 on: July 22, 2011, 06:14:39 PM

Is Fear Itself really good? I've been avoiding it, but wouldn't mind being told I'm wrong. Seige was horrible.

I'll check out Daredevil, thanks.
Posts: 4388

Reply #2 on: July 22, 2011, 08:41:14 PM

Fear itself doesn't suck. There are a hojillion tie-in books. Of those, the Deadpool 3 book series is the best so far. The Fearsome Four one is also good because it involves Frankenstein, She Hulk, Howard The Duck, and Man Thing. Journey Into Mystery is all right if you like Loki, and saxophones. The Home Front is solid, and I like the Speedball storyline. Invincible Iron Man is good. The Alpha Flight one is a bit lame. The Amazing Spider Man 3 book is awesome. The main ones are good too.

I traded in my fun blog for several legal blogs. Or, "blawgs," as the cutesy attorney blawgosphere likes to call 'em.
Terracotta Army
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Reply #3 on: July 24, 2011, 07:53:39 AM

Fear Itself is mediocre. It's not the worst x-over Marvel's done but it's not very good. The stuff with Thor and Odin is especially wretched.
Terracotta Army
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l33t kiddie

Reply #4 on: July 28, 2011, 10:04:09 AM

Its mostly lame, but this was the first comic reading I've done in a very long time. I looked at the first comic of a lot of things related to this and very few of them grabbed me.

I like the Loki stuff, Journey into Mystery. Invincible Iron Man is good for reasons mentioned. I liked the Thunderbolts story. As for the main stuff, with fear itself in the title I can see the appeal of Speedball stuff (Homefront) but I think Speedball is one of the lamest characters ever. I actually thought the stuff with Herc was less bad then most of these comics appear to be. Not that it was good, there was a lot of hurr this comic has jokes hurrrr type shit going on and calling himself Herc is just fucking dumb.

What impressed me most of all is how lame Spider Man is, wtf happened here? The whole book was "Spiderman is scared too" that might have been the worst of all the stuff I looked at. Even worse then the weird Atlas stuff or Youth in Revolt. Both of which sucked. Secret Avengers was especially bad now that I think of it. The whole thing felt so rushed and it was so inconsequentially stupid at the end. How would it be reassuring to watch a congressman talk on tv until he is cut off by being killed in a fiery explosion exactly? That would probably scare the shit out of me.

But I liked the background stuff about Sin and the bits with her and Baron Nemo, Nazi mechs are kinda fun. Overall though if this is less poorly done then most of these events that is pretty fucking sad.
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A nation consists of its laws. A nation does not consist of its situation at a given time. If an individual's morals are situational, then that individual is without morals. If a nation's laws are situational, that nation has no laws, and soon isn't a nation.
-William Gibson
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