Gazillion's Marvel MMO - F2P, Play as existing Marvel characters only

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The first bits of actual news came out about the Marvel MMO today.

 - The lead writer is Brian Michael Bendis. Andy Collins at Gazillion is the lead story designer.
 - It is going to be a F2P title.
 - You are going to play as existing Marvel characters, through previous Marvel events.
 - The current title has been in development for about 12 months and there are no release plans yet.

Well, it's different, I'll give it that.

I am wondering how they will handle the problem of 5000 wolverines.  Also if you play through official marvel events, will it feel like your being lead around?  Don't get me wrong I would love to see a series that I grew up with and collected done well.  For instance I think it would be totally cool to play as an Xmen through the Inferno saga.  However I can't imagine once the novelty has wore off how this game will not feel like your being led around in a dog and pony show instead of you taking an active role in shaping the "world."

Interesting none the less and your right sounds a lot more interesting then any other superhero MMOs I have seen offered.

Quote from: MournelitheCalix on April 29, 2011, 04:36:30 AM

I am wondering how they will handle the problem of 5000 wolverines. 
The same way they do in the comics.  :oh_i_see:

I can't roll up my own toon?

If it wasn't F2P, this is the part where I'd make a snide remark about them not getting me to subscribe.

Super hero games suck.


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