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Author Topic: Zen Unbound 2  (Read 703 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 4497

on: November 16, 2010, 07:40:39 PM

Steam Store

Having posted in the "Retailers fear steam" I sort of felt obligated to give this a try. A game that would have absolutely zero chance of getting a retail release. Though on looking this is actually a PC transplant of an iPhone game. Excellent, bring it on.

It's a game that exists somewhere on the line between elegant and damn boring and I'm really not sure which end I'd put it closer toward. You are given a moderately complex 3D object floating in space which you can rotate with the mouse, the crudeness of the object neatly explained by it being a wood carving, and a piece of rope tied to a nail. The goal is to rotate the object so that rope wraps it and paints the surface and some area around where it touches. Thus you want to use the shape of the object, and any additional pins (which may have effects of their own) to cover as much of the object as you can with the minimum of rope. The rope has friction and interacts with itself so there's possibilities there too. There are three levels of success at any of which you can hit a specific pin and hold to complete the object. Completing an object records your highest coverage and the length of the rope, plus opens 1-3 flowers on the attractive menu giving you more objects to play with. Good background music and sound too.

It probably works better on a mobile phone, where you pick up and play for a small amount of time, with maybe the tactile interface giving you a better connection to the object. But it's 5$ worth of interesting and a nice change (especially since the other alternative I was looking at was Zombie driver).

Is a man not entitled to the hurf of his durf?
- Simond
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