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Author Topic: Starting Info/Guild theme/templates  (Read 3796 times)
Terracotta Army
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on: October 27, 2010, 11:36:54 AM

Part 1 - Starting Info:

Starting town: Trinsic
When starting in the game, it can be a little daunting if solo. You won't be solo. We will have a vent server (and guild once we get the gold), and I will be available to help whenever possible.

Starting stuff to do:

You can use training dummies to get your fighting skills up to like 15 or 20. Or you can say fuck my templates below and make a solid melee fighter out the gate. Put 50 into melee weapon, 49 into healing, and 1 in like tactics. Head out of town, and start fighting smaller animals and get a feel for what you can kill. Double click a bladed item, and skin the corpses of bunnies whose ass you just kicked! Make your own bandages by using scissors on cloth.

Making money is always good, especially when we should be rushing to place a house in some of the very prime locations. Start a mule/crafter character with tailoring 50 and tinkering 49 with 1 point in whatever. You then goto tailor shops and look for spools of thread. You buy these up, and use 5 on a loom. This will create a bolt of cloth (which you cut up into usable cloth with scissors). Make some stuff and try to figure out what pays best for what you are able to make (cloth to gold ratio). You may have to travel to different towns and do this, or find sheep to sheer (not kill, use bladed item on them) for wool (which is used in a spinning wheel or loom or something) to make....Cloth! Make money, make money, bitches!

Make a Bowyer 50 and Lumberjack 49 with 1 in tinkering. Trees are everywhere! Chop em down, pile them up, and make them into bows (which you then sell to various vendors across the land.

Take 50 in Animal Taming, and 49 in animal lore, and 1 in vet. (not sure about this, vet may be more important than animal lore). Go tame you a cougar and fuck some shit up! Bandages are needed for healing your animal. You will also wanna visit a weapon shop and buy a cheap quick weapon, so you can gain fighting skills while your pet slowly rapes bunnies.

A more advanced money maker, a highly skilled bard can make tons of cash - start out with 50 provoking and 49 magery, and 1 musicianship. You will need to macro music/peacemaking up some. I do not recommend starting like this unless you have another money maker....or little time to play (but lots of time to macro.

The ole Miner/Blacksmith. For quick money, take 49 mining, 50 BS, and 1 tinkering. For long run effectiveness, go 50 BS, 49 tinkering, and buy the mining skill. Then go mine away. Obviously, you turn your ore into ingots and craft shit, which you sell to a vendor.

"You filthy, smelly beggar. Get outta my store!" - There is a begging skill. You can beg an NPC on a 10 second timer. Maybe someday you will be a Grandmaster Beggar!

I was never really a thief, but I'm sure you can make money stealing....Ask NiX or something.

Grab a friend. Team hunting can be pretty cool, and you may even be able to take on some orc spawns and kite an ogre or something.

Another note, the more your skills raise, the more your stats (Str/Dex/Int) go up. Many fighter characters will buy an axe and chop down trees for a workout. Strength gives you hit points and more damage. Different skills raise different stats.

Part 2 - Templates, long run PVP stuff

Well, pretty much everyone is into their own thing in UO. Some people like Mages, some like dexxers...some like swords others maces. I think it is a good idea to have a long road plan for group fighting. My template for an effective PVP / monster hunter (anything in bold is ok to start with 50 or 49):

Start every character with Max Strength, 10 dex, 10 int

Magic Resist
Melee - Swords/mace/fencing

Everyone making a character like this allows for us as a team to all heavy crossbow someone, and switch to melee beatdown. Magery would be more useful for casting Greater heal on each other to survive Mage dumps. Parrying makes you more effective in a dexxer fight, and versus monsters. Parrying is way easier to raise.

Having archery allows for ship to ship fighting on the open seas, and focused ranged firing elsewhere. Dungeon crawling or world hunting in a group like this would make us a viable threat to smaller gank groups. Training of Melee, anatomy, tactics, parrying are quick. Archery requires arrows to train, and healing needs bandages...and obviously Magery and magic resist are a bitch to raise and expensive.

The other route would to go all out mages. Everyone starts slowly training a mage:

Resisting Spells
Evaluating Intelligence

and any of the following:


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Reply #1 on: October 28, 2010, 02:52:06 PM

I was never really a thief, but I'm sure you can make money stealing....Ask NiX or something.

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