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Author Topic: "Ka-Bloom" - Flash Game  (Read 891 times)
Terracotta Army
Posts: 160

on: August 09, 2010, 09:36:24 AM

Oh Hai,

Long time since I posted here, but I have been busy making a game with a couple of friends!

We tried to make something unique and new; and ended up confusing most of our players! They love it in Brazil though. It was intentionally meant to be released on iPhone; but crapple killed Flash on the iPhone just before we were ready for release. So we had to scrap most of that and just release the thing on the web.

Where we failed the most was in explaining the actual objective of the game. Its basically a high-score chaser, with a somewhat loose win-condition. We probably went overboard on innovation, instead of focusing on the user-experience.

The game is split into two phases, one where you plan your chains and the second phase where you feed the floret said chains; you can also hot-link chains in this phase; for combo madness.

The goal of the game is to grow the floret until it reaches the growth-limit. Green Gems grow it, Red gems shrink it (and are worth loads of points), green gems extend it permanently; so you can reach further and Gray ones give you some points and XP.

Simply put; way to complex to be casual, way too cute to be hardcore. We did succeed in one thing, I think, which is to keep it somewhat gender-inclusive (but I might be wrong).

Go here if you want to play: Play Ka-Bloom!

Gushing praise and crushing critique is welcome, and if anyone has any ideas on how we can earn more money of it, please do share.

Other then that I hope you enjoy it (read: understand it)!

ps. our next game is a much more masculine shmup, stay tuned!
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