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Title: GDC radio (radio edit)
Post by: koboshi on February 13, 2007, 01:59:17 PM
I fucking hate the people responsible for the GDC audio recordings.  The recordings from last years GDC alone costs over $700!  That's just fucking ridiculous!  Now after reading that you must understand that I want, at all costs, to avoid advocating the behavior of these highwaymen, however...

I am a real fan of news podcasts, my favorite is New Scientist magazine's, but I haven't seen that much highbrow gaming news available.  Then I found that Gamasutra has a weekly podcast at GDCradio.net (http://www.GDCradio.net).  It's a combination of interviews and old GDC clips.  Right now the old episodes are still available back through June and there are 15 free clips from the massive and expensive GDC audio library all of which were past podcasts.