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Title: Powerful class?
Post by: Xanthippe on September 16, 2006, 03:10:37 PM
I started as a Loremaster, got to level  7, and I'm not much enjoying my toon.  It just doesn't work the way I want to play. (I don't care for dying much).

I'm looking for a class that I can solo efficiently, since people don't seem to be grouping much.  So now I'm trying hunter (Gidget).

Is there a better - for me that means, faster to level and get through the quests - class to try?

Title: Re: Powerful class?
Post by: Signe on September 16, 2006, 04:23:57 PM
Guardian and champion seem ok.  I've died rarely, even when doing quests my level.  It's a nice change not to have to wait until the quest is so far beneath your level that you get nearly nothing for it.  Some epic ones you seem to need a group for, you can't kill things fast enough to meet the quest requirements.  I did one with Trippy but most of the other's I still have.  Like level 10 and the like... I'm level 17.  I hate that.   

I didn't enjoy Loremaster either.  Not a bit.  No one I've chatted has liked it as much as the others, either. 

I still want to be a dorf with a beard and boobs.   :|

Title: Re: Powerful class?
Post by: Trippy on September 16, 2006, 05:08:11 PM
I played Captain in Alpha 2 (was really short test so I didn't get very far), Minstrel in Alpha 3, and Guardian at the moment.

Minstrel was like "easy mode" compared to Captain at the early levels because the the Minstrel songs do so much damage compared to the low level weapons. I also didn't like how the Captain banners were only available after you've killed something. In other words you enter a battle weak and potentially get stronger which is opposite from how it things usually work. They supposedly messed around the Captain skills for beta so they may be better than they were in A2. For Minstrels as you get higher only being able to wear light armor makes it more difficult to solo though it's still possible. My Minstrel is level 22 doing about 98% soloing.

Now if Minstrel felt like easy mode compared to a Captain, Guardian feels like easier mode compared to a Minstrel. I'm only 14 at the moment on my Guardian but it's been even easier than my Minstrel. I don't kill quite as quick but I still do good damage and I use less power to kill (Minstrel songs drain power fast!) and wearing medium armor (we get to wear heavy at 20 I believe) makes a big difference in survivalability (I still haven't died yet). And Guardians get AE melee attacks which is one of the weakness of the Minstrel (strong against single targets, bad against groups).

Still haven't tried Champion, Loremaster or Hunter yet.

Title: Re: Powerful class?
Post by: WayAbvPar on September 18, 2006, 09:03:53 AM
Loremasters are teh sux. They really need some love to make them even close to soloable.