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Title: 1.05 is here - Perfect time to come back.
Post by: Trippy on July 31, 2021, 03:48:47 PM

The "item" patch is here. New system that gives new importance to loot and stuff, new class balances, and new 70 - 80 zone, UI improvement. Seriously, too much stuff to summarize it.

Good time to come back. The game is still great and the only reason you wouldn't like is if you are alone (works for every game).


Update Notes 1.05 - 24th June
NEW PLAYFIELD - Tarantia Commons
Tarantia Commons is now available! This area is recommended for levels 75-80 and it can be accessed in Old Tarantia, just left after crossing the Bridge of Vilerus I, near the gate to the Noble District. Speak to Vialli outside the gate to begin your exploration of this new area with a quest.
There are also two new dungeons located in Tarantia Commons. "Attilius' Mansion" for solo players and "Crows’ Nest" for groups of 6 players.


Locals and tourists alike have flocked to guild cities, settling, traveling, selling, and generally making a life for themselves. As your city grows, its population becomes more dense and varied. In particular, the following buildings provide special benefits to guild members:
Your Keep now not only provides a siege supply merchant at Tier I, but a Wagoner to Old Tarantia at Tier II. At Tier III, as before, your guild is permitted to participate in massive PvP battles.
The Temple (Tier I) provides a spiritual leader who can teach the Path of Comrades, an ability that allows you to return to your guild city in the same way that the Path of Asura returns to you to your bound location.
The Barracks now supports not only the straw men and patrols of guards but also scattered watchmen throughout the city. These guards increase in level according to the tier of the Barracks (I = level 40, II = level 60, III = level 80) and will defend their guildmates against attacks. At Tier III, the Barracks also supports a Guard Captain, who will transport visitors to the Border Kingdom of their choice for a nominal fee.
City Gates will now be guarded by four sentries at all times. These sentries level up and behave in the same way as Barracks-spawned guards.
The Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Architect's Workshop, Alchemist's Workshop, and Thieves' Guild, as before, continue to support a merchant to sell profession-based crafting materials. This merchant is unaffected by building upgrades. The Armorsmith and Weaponsmith also attract guards that level up and behave in the same way as Barracks-spawned guards.
The Tradepost now not only provides a Trader, but offers the following additional features:
Tier I: A food and drink merchant, as well as business-savvy whores.
Tier II: A Potions vendor, one of the new Provisioner vendors who sell crates with bulk consumables, a Tradeskill supplier, and a new local merchant who has a new social pet for sale from the region.
Tier III: The local merchant expands his or her wares to include two more pets, a wagoner to Conarch Village and a wagoner to Khemi.
Player City bonuses have also been updated and shuffled around a bit between the buildings.

The guild search view will now also show guilds which are currently not recruiting.
Added confirm message box to the Guild GUI when renaming the Guild.
When a player applies for a guild, he will receive a message in chat if no one who could invite is online.
Fixed Message of the Day chat tag [Guild MotD].
Deleted players will now be removed from their guilds.

All mounts are now abilities. Once learned, these abilities appear under the "Mounts" ability tab, no longer taking up inventory space. These abilities work in the same way as the items did - if unmounted, using a mount ability will mount you upon that mount. If mounted, the ability will dismount you.
A character mounted on a horse should no longer be able to perform other actions while the horse is rearing.
You now need the correct riding book trained to be able to use your mount.
Pressing ESC will no longer disrupt the dismount animation.
Players are unable to mount while jumping/falling anymore.

The Base HP for all characters has been increased. The HP gain per Constitution point has also been greatly increased.
All combos have had their damage and stamina cost re-calculated and adjusted.
All spells and abilities have had their damage and mana cost re-calculated and adjusted.
The out of combat regeneration granted by food and drink (for health, mana and stamina) has been increased according to the changes done to those player stats.
Fixed animations for instant cast spells.
If a high level player in a team with lower level characters contributes damage to an NPC, he will cap/diminish the XP for the lower level characters, even if he leaves the team.
If you select a character after he has started to do an action, you will now always see their casting bar.
Positive magic effects will now continue after being resurrected from a PvP death.
The distance check for cone spells is now adapted to work the same way as for melee and normal spells.
Archer NPCs will no longer give up chasing you when line of sight is broken.
Offhand attacks now deal 50% of normal damage.
The same buff should now display different timeouts when applied to different targets at different times.
Defensive stance will now correctly show damage mitigation in the GUI.
Fixed an issue where AoE spells could in some cases affect enemies through walls.
The combat-idle animation for male characters having throwing knives/axes equipped should now loop properly.
Fixed rounding issues on mana/stamina/life magical taps.
Male characters that are moving while drawing/sheathing throwing weapons should no longer slide.
Hostile buffs should now remain when starting or finishing apprenticeship.
Fatalities should no longer be run on players who are currently knocked back. This also fixed various animation issues.
Buffs and debuffs should now correctly be removed when they time out.
A few changes have been made to hate-generating abilities and feats. Maintaining hate from a mob will be slightly more difficult than before, but completely possible through correct management of hate-generating abilities and skills.
Multi-hit combos should no longer cause client/server sync issues when interrupted by fear, charm, or knockback.
Several issues causing pets to stop attacking have been fixed.
Pets will do splash damage as it is described in the tooltips.
Combos which do a given damage per second for their hits, depending on the duration of the hit, will now have their damage shown correctly as "damage per second".
The armor and protection feats in the general trees have been rebalanced, mostly resulting in smaller values
Sending commands to your pets should no longer make them stuck during knockback.
Players who are spellweaving will now be properly affected by knockbacks.
The general rogue feats Natural Protection and Toughness had their values mixed up, this has now been corrected.
All silence effects now grant 20 second silence immunity to the target when applied.
Charge abilities will now go on cooldown when the charge starts instead of when the charge ends.
Magic and Defense Rating buffs should no longer appear in your spellbook or on your hot bars.
Solo spellcaster NPCs and some group spellcaster NPCs have had their damage output toned down a bit.
When your charge is interrupted (by a root or knockback for example) you won't deal damage anymore.
The speed of UR attacks for 2H Blunt/Edged weapons should now be slightly faster, to be more in line with the other directional attacks for those weapons
Players should no longer get stuck in spellweaving if they cancel it while casting a spell or having additional spells queued up
Players should not get stuck or see other players/npcs stuck in knockback anymore.
Charge abilities will go on cooldown as soon as you start the charge regardless of whether you actually reached the target (for example because you were rooted or knocked back while charging).
When your charge is interrupted (by a root or knockback for example) you won't deal damage anymore.
Also when charging, you'll only deal damage if you actually reached the target.
Many friendly spells were updated so they will no longer attract the attention of guards.

All items have been adjusted for the new systems!
All classes now have access to the cloth/silk armor type.
Nectargold will now restore mana and increase max mana pool instead of stamina.
Class requirements have been removed from raid tier weapons.
Level 60-70 bolts should now properly replace the currently equipped bolts when right clicking the items.
1H-Weapons should no longer flip the wrong way when being drawn or sheathed.
Amulet of Lycophos can now also be sold to a vendor.
Some quest items have new descriptions and inventory icons.
Stacksizes for potions and consumables have been adjusted. They should now stack to 100 for regular and 5 for blue ones.
Bear Shaman's 'Boots of Vernant Fury' should now have the correct inventory icon.
'Black Dragon Cloak' now has a new unique visual look.


PVP Dropped resources are now put sorted into the loot bag based on power level and then level/tier.
PVP Dropped resources will automatically stack in the loot bag.
Warnings about teammates who are involved in criminal activities will now go to the criminal system channel.
Removed double XP when killing murderers.
After a player is killed 5 times, he will no longer give PvP XP to the killer.
Guards now respond differently to player combat. If you initiated PvP combat and run to the guards for help the guards will correctly attack the aggressor. Guards do not mind if you kill criminals in front of them. All guards have been provided with ranged weapons so they are more effective at defending innocent bystanders. Guards will now mark anyone as a criminal that they engage in combat.
You will now get a buff telling you that you are an aggressor when attacking another player.
Guards have increased damage and massively increased hit points.
AoE spells should now only affect targets which give murderpoints if your current target will also give murderpoints. This applies even if your current target is not within range of the AoE spell. This means targeting a low level player in front of you and casting a ground targeted AoE spell far away will cause low level players far away to be hit because your current target, though unaffected by the spell, would give murderpoints if you were to hit him.
You can now no longer attack raid members in the border kingdoms.
Guard placement in all outdoor adventure playfields has been reviewed and adjusted where needed.
When killed in PvP you now get a second resurrection point to select from, but only if you have more than one resurrection pad in the playfield explored.
The PvP-shield Skirmisher's Sanctum now provides PvP armor and PvP protection
PvP Minigames
Totem Torrent: Increased the health of the totems.
Capture the Skull: It is no longer possible to actively return your skull to your base. Instead, you must defend the skull for 30 seconds before it automatically returns. As before, to capture an enemy skull you must bring it back to your base when your own skull has not been captured.
Minigames will now give a PvP XP reward at the end of the game. This reward varies between the winning and the losing side, and scales per minigame tier.
Capture the Skull matches should now end correctly instead of ending with 3 seconds left in the round.
Massive PVP
Discovering and forgetting resurrection points during a siege should now be more reliable.
It's no longer possible for an attacking guild to login inside an enemy battlekeep.
Timed warnings for massive pvp battles are now only sent once.
Relocated the siege camp at the bottom of the keep in Stonehammer to a more suitable location.
Relocated a siege camp in Sturmgarde, to allow the battle to spread out some more.
Players in a massive PvP battle will now see the correct points in the chat log.
Some holes have been closed in the Burnheim battlekeep.
The area around the keep in Fort Bane has been adjusted to improve balance during a siege.
Attackers are no longer able to keep or get siege weapons while in the defenders raid.
All versions of the keep building should now have proper collision.
The defenders have constructed additional hidden tunnels in each battlekeep that allow them to get out of their inner courtyard.
An issue with stacking bonuses related to battlekeeps should be resolved.
Border Kingdoms, Cimmerian End: The output of the PvP resources nodes has been reduced.


All classes can now use all weapons open to your class from level 1.
All classes have updated descriptions of feats referring to invulnerabilities to Protection and Armor where appropriate.
When you untrain feats you will now lose all buff effects from spells given by those feats.
Herald/Tempest/Demonologist/Necromancer/Bear Shaman - The long duration spells Arcane Abatement, Damnation of Set, Glorification of Set, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Resilience, Mystic Suppression and Quell the Ether have been changed. These are now instant-cast short duration tactical spells, rather than long duration buffs. Their effect has been vastly increased, now giving a large amount of protection against the damage type (or types) they protect against. For the Bear Shaman, Rune of Resistance and Rune of Resilience will place each other on short cooldowns when used. For the Tempest of Set, Damnation of Set and Glorification of Set will place each other on short cooldowns when used.
Soldier/Priest - Fixed an issue where Vindicator would not update properly when entering Defensive Stance.
Combo sequence for Sweep has been changed to UR-UL.
The following buffs have been removed from the game. Bonuses formerly granted by these buffs have been added to other buffs/spells:
Grizzled Hide (Bear Shaman)
Infernal Knowledge (Demonologist)
Diabolic Insight (Demonologist)
Mark of Dagon (Demonologist)
Sign of Xotli (Herald of Xotli)
Vile Insight (Necromancer)
Dark Knowledge (Necromancer)
Bone Ward (Necromancer)
Shielding Litany (Priest of Mitra)
Set's Armor (Tempest of Set)

Mage – General
The natural mana regen given by the general feat Mage Blood has been significantly reduced.
With the removal of the magic rating buffs for your class, the Archmage feat has been redesigned. It now increases the amount of mana you gain when using mana potions, by 2% per rank.
Crimson Shield HP bonus increased to be in line with new health pools. Increased the bouns for rank 2 and 3 of this feat.
Dark Meditation has been moved to tier 2 in the general tree. This spell will now also give you stamina each tick, so the Herald of Xotli can get full benefit from it.
Mage absorb shields will no longer show a particle effect on teammates every time they refresh.
Lance of Mitra and other Spells that proc will now proc on huge targets as well correctly (Healing from Lance of Mitra now works with Vistrix)

Priest - General
The power of Priest rank 1 cone heals (both on the target and on the player) has been increased pre-level 24.
Cast time for team health buffs has been significantly reduced.
The natural mana regen given by the feat Ether Flow has been significantly reduced.
Spiritual Aegis - Changed to increase the mage/priest magical protection. This feat will increase in power when the player levels.
Spiritual Armament - Changed to increase the mage\priest armor. This feat will increase in power when the player levels.
All cone heals should now tick the correct amount of times. The final tick would not register occasionally.
All team heals now have the same duration:
Emanation of Life's duration has been increased to 20.5 seconds (up from 13 seconds).
Healing Lotus' duration has been increased to 20.5 seconds (up from 17 seconds).
The heal particle effect for Renewal, Blood Flow, and Healing Lotus will continue to display until the heal is finished.
Lance of Mitra and other Spells that proc will now proc on huge targets as well correctly (Healing from Lance of Mitra now works with Vistrix).

Rogue - General
Natural Protection - Changed to increase the rogues magical protection. This feat will increase in power when the player levels.
Toughness - Changed to increase the rogues armor. This feat will increase in power when the player levels.
Swift Shadows now increases your hiding skills. Concealment has been replaced by Lethality and will now increase your base weapon damage by 3.5% per rank. The dependency between Lethality and Swift Shadows has been removed.
The cooldown of Excellent Balance has been increased to 1 minute and the duration reduced to 8 seconds.

Soldier – General
The Dark Templar and Conqueror classes are now able to equip full plate armor.
Irritate: New innate taunt ability to all Soldiers. This ability is received at level 15.
The natural health regeneration given by the general feats Recovery and Lifesaver has been significantly reduced.
Stone Skin - Changed to increase the soldiers magical protection. Iron Skin has been changed to increase the soldiers armor. The bonuses from these feats scale with the player's level.
The way that Sadism/Vengeance/Furious Inspiration triggers has been tweaked, and you will now gain these bonuses when the person in your team being attacked is your own class (previously if you were grouped with a Soldier of the same class, you would not gain your appropriate buff - now you will).
Cunning Deflection can now only cause damage once per use.
Improved Goad Mob now works correctly.
Cunning Deflection is no longer tied to Sustained Rage.
The bonuses gained from Frenzy Stance have been reduced to 50% Weapon Damage and 25% Magic Damage Modifier.
The penalty from Frenzy Stance has been reduced to -50% Damage Mitigation.
Guarded Frenzy will now reduce the damage mitigation penalty of Frenzy Stance by 3/6/10%.
Improved Frenzy Stance will now increase the Magic Damage Modifier on Frenzy Stance slightly less.
Goad and Goad Mob now apply a blocker effect to their targets. This blocker prevents Goad and Goad Mob from affecting this target for 30 seconds.
Reduced the cooldown of Goad to 90 seconds.
The hate bonus on soldier Defensive Stance has been increased to 5%.

Arcane Backlash has been augmented. If you are affected by the Corrupted Body effect and Arcane Backlash triggers, it will change into Corrupted Backlash. This inflicts poison damage against the attacker, in addition to the normal Arcane Backlash effects. Further ranks increase the Corrupted Backlash damage.
The feat Burden to Bear has been changed. It now gives you a chance of triggering the Physical Torment stacking Armor debuff (-900 armor pr stack, max stack size is 5). Additional ranks increases the chance for the debuff to proc from your attacks.
The proc rate of Burden to Bear has been significantly increased.
The Corrupted Body feat has been changed. This feat now gives you a 10/20/30% chance of gaining the Corrupted Body effect when hit with a hostile spell effect. The Corrupted Body effect increases your protection value by 10% for 15 seconds and can stack up to 3 times.
Flesh Necrosis has been augmented. In addition to existing effects, each feat now also passively increases the damage of Corrupted Backlash.
Fixed an issue with Flesh Necrosis where it would appear that the ability would sometimes not work. This ability no longer has a cast time, so can be used while moving, where previously it would fail silently if used while you were moving.
Every rank of Grim Corruption will give -10% to Slashing, Piercing, Crushing, and Poison Invulnerability Rating in Poison Stance. In Unholy Stance, it will be -10% to Holy and Unholy invulnerability rating.
Seeds of Corruption has been changed. It now gives your attacks a chance to build a stacking debuff on the target. When you use Grim Corruption, this stack is consumed and the target is struck with unholy damage. More feat points increase the proc chance, the maximum stack size and the damage inflicted.
Unholy Armor now gives 10/20/30/40/50% armor bonus when in Unholy Stance.
The power of Life Leech has been greatly increased.
Blindside's stamina regeneration effect should now always tick 6 times.
Bewildered effect from Blindside should now always tick 6 times.
Necrotic Leech's particle effect should now properly move with the character as intended.
Increased the duration of Lotus Overdose to 15 seconds.
Reduced the duration of Avatar of Death to 15 seconds.
Removed the Lotus Withdraw penalty from Lotus Overdose.
Increased the duration of the Seeds of Corruption debuff to 12 seconds (was 10).
Increased the damage done when exploding the Seeds of Corruption stack.

Barbarians now have a new innate ability from level 1 called Savage Rage. Whenever the Barbarian performs a critical hit, he will gain bonus damage for 15 seconds. This damage bonus can stack up to 3 times.
The Great Weapons Master feat has been changed, and is now called Devastation. It gives you a chance to increase your critical rating if you haven't performed a critical hit recently. Once you perform a critical hit, this buff will be consumed.
Hand Weapon Expert has been removed. It has been replaced with the feat "Ability - Blitz". This grants you a charge ability. Putting more points into this feat increases the damage of the charge.
Rampage and Rampaging Horde have had their positions swapped on the feat tree. We felt that it was a little contradictory having an ability increasing your strength based on dead people be dependent on one increasing your strength based on living people.
The Savage Rage combo line is now called "Whirlwind." This combo hits all enemies around the Barbarian. This combo has a 1 minute cooldown across all ranks.
The Boiling Blood feat now reduces the cooldown of Whirlwind by 5 seconds per rank.
The Cyclone of Razors feat now increases the damage of Whirlwind by 1% per rank.
The Gushing Wounds feat has been renamed to Tempered Steel. This feat now increases the damage of Cyclone of Steel by 1% per rank.
Wreck Armor now inflicts a stacking armor debuff on the target.(-900 armor pr stack, max stack size is 5).

Bear Shaman
Animalistic Fury now increases damage done by Shrewd Blow by 1/2/3/4/5%.
Fixed a bug with Improved Ether Theft where it was not increasing the amount of mana the bear shaman gained. Increased the effectiveness of Improved Ether Theft to +150%/+300% mana gained.
With the removal of the Grizzled Hide buff, the Improved Grizzled Hide feat has been replaced with the Scarred Hide feat. This feat gives: When hit with a physical critical attack, you have a 33/66/100% chance to gain a 20% bonus to your armor for 10 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 15 seconds.
Manifestation: Hostile Territory spell has been converted into one rank gained at level 65. This spell now applies the light physical invulnerability.
Feat Spell - Rune of Slaughter proc now applies the heavy physical invulnerability debuff effect. Further ranks of this feat grant the Bear Shaman bonus Armor Penetration while the spell is active.
Increased the base damage shield values of Spirit Totem: Profane by 10 times.
Increased the damage bonus gained from the reactive proc on Spirit Totem: Feral. Removed the Invulnerability increase from the reactive proc.
Spirit of the Bear now gives a team HP buff. The power of this buff is the same as that from the other priests. This buff does not affect the bear shaman. The Improved Spirits of the Bear feat does not increase the power of the team buff, it still only affects the bear shaman.
Crush Armor: now inflicts a stacking armor debuff on the target.(-900 armor pr stack, max stack size is 5).
Spirit totem: Venom has been replaced by Spirit Totem: Miasma. This spell passively increases Natural Stamina Regeneration instead of Poison Invulnerability. Places a DoT on enemies around the target. This DoT stacks up to 3 times. At the 3rd stack, it also drains stamina. This can only happen once every two seconds.
Occasionally Balance of Nature would fail to buff you, so the proc rate has been increased to solve this issue.
Wild Energy can now crit.
The Nature's Revenge spell can only trigger on players every 8 seconds.
Fixed a bug where the heal from the Bloodthirst combo was not increasing in power with more feats.
Adrenaline Surge has been changed to have a single rank. It is now a channeled spell with a 5 minute cooldown that returns 15% mana/stamina per tick (60% total). Improved Adrenaline Surge now lowers the recast time by 30 seconds per rank.
Spirit Walker: Will also improve Spirit Totem: Miasmas' Natural Stamina Regeneration.
Changed Bloodflow to be a 13s duration single stack buff that gives 3/6/9/12/15% increased weapon damage.
All Manifestation spells will now overwrite each other when cast.
Particles now display when casting Rune of Resistance or Rune of Resilience.

Death’s Door: This feat increases the Protection and Immunity Rating of the Battle Cry: To the Death.
Bladeweave's cooldown has been increased from 20 seconds to 40 seconds.
Blessed Conquest has been changed to no longer apply the War Fatigue debuff after you use the ability.
The Defiance ability has been unlinked from Furious Inspiration - you now no longer need to have Furious Inspiration running to be able to use Defiance. The amount of healing gained from Defiance has been very significantly increased, however, the time before you can be affected by another Defiance has been increased to 30 seconds (the re-use timer of Defiance remains at 60 seconds).
The amount of stamina and mana gained from Improved Defiance has been increased. The implementation of Defiance and Improved Defiance has been changed, so it is now possible to see the base amount of health/stamina/mana gained when inspecting the ability, and to see the upgrade % when inspecting the feats.
Every rank of Feint Attack will now give -10% Slashing, Crushing, Piercing, and Poison Invulnerability.
Guardsman Feint - Changed to increase the Conquerors armor by 2/4/6/8/10%.
The Reaping Blade feat has been changed. It no longer grants a separate ability, but rather extends the duration of the Rend Flesh ability by 5 seconds. It is dependent on the Improved Rend feat. With Berserk Inspiration being added making it more possible to utilize Bladeweave, we felt that Reaping Blade had became significantly less useful.
Conquest. This has been replaced with the Ability Berserk Inspiration. Allows the player to stack Furious Inspiration via normal weapon attacks, but they cannot proc the team Resurrection effect when at 10 stacks. Canceling Berserk Inspiration removes all Furious Inspiration stacks. Feat points increase the proc rate.
Two Handed Master: This has been replaced by Ruthless Assault. Every time the conqueror crits the crit chance is increased for 10 seconds. This can only happen once every 15 seconds. Additional feat points in the line increases the critical hit chance bonus.
Changed the stamina cost of Rend Flesh and Improved Rend Flesh to be calculated from base stamina instead of max stamina.
Reduced the damage bonus of Colossus of War.
At Death's Door has had its protection values increased when the player casts Battle Cry: To the Death to 200/400/650, up from 230/345/460.
All ranks of Breach will now share a single animation to make higher ranks more viable in situations where time is of the essence.
Devastate now increases Hail of Furious Strikes damage by 1/2/3/4/5% (down from 2/4/6/8/10%).
The duration of the Throat Slash debuff has been increased to 2 seconds.
Throat Slash now functions as a spell/combo interrupt and not a stun.
Throat Slash now applies Silence immunity instead of Stun immunity.
Throat Slash now displays as a level 25 combo.
Furious Resurgence is now a clickable ability that allows the conqueror to resurrect fallen comrades in and out of combat. The cooldown of this ability is 10 minutes if used in combat, and 10 seconds if used out of combat.
Furious Resurgence casting time reduced to 1 second [down from 4 seconds].
Furious Resurgence no longer requires you to have Furious Inspiration stacks running when using the ability.

Title: Re: 1.05 is here - Perfect time to come back.
Post by: Trippy on July 31, 2021, 03:49:11 PM


Dark Templar
The feat "Ability - Soul Barrier" has been moved up the Desecration tree, to tier 4. The feat "Soul Infusion" has been moved up the Desecration tree, to tier 6.
The feat Spell - Covenant of Putrescence has been replaced by Deadly Covenants. This feat now improves the damage of Covenant of Arms, Pestilence, and Putrescence by 7% per rank.
Removed the self-damaging component from Covenant of War. Significantly increased the Melee Shield bonus from Covenant of War.
Desecrated Blood feat now improves the damage bonus gained from Covenant of War.
All Covenants will now correctly proc from spell attacks.
The Life Tap percentage gained from Covenant of Death has been doubled.
Any killing blow performed by the Dark Templar or his team while Covenant of Death is running will place a buff in the templar, increasing his unholy melee damage for the next 3 hits. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds.
Dread shadow is now a spell obtainable at level 70 if you feat for it.
Dark Hand feat has been changed. This feat now gives you an instant cast spell that inflicts unholy damage on the target and instantly heals you. The amount of damage inflicted is increased if the target is affected by the Drain Strength, and the amount you are healed is increased if you are running Blood Pact.
Unified the Ravenous Eater buffs. Both Soul for Our Feast and Leech Life will cast a 10 second duration buff increasing your damage. This should now allow for a 100% uptime.
Sadistic Glee has been removed. A new feat "Seal of Chaos" has been added, granting you a new spell. This spell taunts up to 4 nearby enemies, and gives you a short duration increase to the amount of healing you receive (that increases by the number of enemies affected by the spell). Some additional feat synergies exist: If you have Consuming Bulwark trained, a heal over time is added to the Seal; If you have Crystallized Ether trained, a mana heal over time is added to the Seal; If you have Ether Reap trained, a damage over time effect is added to the Seal.
Masochism no longer has a pre-requisite feat.
Renamed the "Spell - Soul Barrier" feat to "Ability - Soul Barrier". When training this feat you will now get an ability called Soul Barrier, not a spell as previously. Soul Barrier is now an ability that you toggle on or off, not something that you need to continually recast.
Changed Soul Infusion. Added the ability for this effect to critically hit. This now gives you back a percentage of your maximum mana, not a static amount (5% of your maximum mana). Rank 2 increases the amount gained by 100%. This mana gain cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds.
Every rank of Unhallowed Blight will now give the following Invulnerability debuffs:Holy Invulnerability Rating -10.00%, Unholy Invulnerability Rating -10.00%.
The feat Spell - Covenant of Putrescence has been renamed. This feat now offers all the benefits of the previous Covenant of Putrescence feat, combined with the previous Vile Putrescence feat.
Updated the description of the second rank of Vile Soul to show that it allows for the Unholy Damage to happen at 6 Sadism stacks.
Wisdom now increases your spell damage bonus as it does for priests.
Soul Infusion. This effect can now critically hit. The mana regain have been changed from a static amount to 5% of your maximum mana. Rank 2 increases the amount of mana gained by 100%. This effect can only occur once every 10 seconds.
Vile Pestilence and its offshoot feats have switched places with the Cabalistic Hunger feat.
Improved Blood Pact and Invulnerable Soul have switched places in the feat tree.
Increased the duration of Martyrdom 0.5s to ensure that the player receives all healing ticks.
Leech Life IV has had it's combo-starter changed from LR to UL.
Leech Life V has had it's combo-starter changed from LL to UL.
Leech Life VI has had it's combo-starter changed from LR to UR.
Dooming Presence's fear effect is now breakable by Agile Mind.
All long term buffs have had their durations increased to 4 hours.
Talisman Mastery now grants the Blood Hex and Shadow Hex spells in addition to its current function. These spells are only available while the Talisman Mastery buff is active.
Blood Hex: Inflicts damage on the target, heals the Templar, and applies the Hexed debuff. The Hexed effect can be stacked up to 3 times and increases the damage and healing done by Blood Hex and the damage dealt by Shadow Hex. The hexes stop if the Talisman Mastery buff is removed from the Templar.
Shadow Hex: Inflicts damage on the target and applies the Hexed debuff. The Hexed effect can be stacked up to 3 times and increases the damage and healing done by Blood Hex and the damage dealt by Shadow Hex. The hexes stop if the Talisman Mastery buff is removed from the Templar.
The amount of damage the Dread Shadow can absorb has been greatly increased.
Doubled the proc rate of the Drain Strength debuff (was 5 PPM, now 10 PPM).
All ranks of martyrdom will now place a team heal effect that lasts for 20seconds.
All ranks of martyrdom now has a team heal particle effect associated with it.

Chaotic Blast cast time has been reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds. Chaotic Blast damage has been reduced. Chaotic Blast now always applies its invulnerability debuff.
Cursed by Hell and Cursed by the Heavens no longer apply invulnerability.
Fiery Torment - The mana cost has been changed to 10% of base mana.
Living Firestorm; This spell will now deal less damage on the opener but more on each tick of damage. The overall damage has been slightly increased. Casting time has been reduced to 1.5s.
Living Firestorm is now able to crit on the initial and pulsing AOE damage.
Storm Chains - The level check on the target has been removed. The cost has been changed to 10% base mana cost.
Mystic Suppression. This spell is now instant cast with a 6 second duration and 45 second cooldown which increases your unholy protection. This is now a spell that is meant to be used tactically in combat instead of a longtime buff.
Demonic Wrack. This feat has been replaced by Shock Lance. This replaces the old Demonic Wrack feat (which was a stacking invulnerability debuff that is no longer a good 5 point end feat with the new generic invulnerability debuff system).
Shock and Shockstrike now build up Empowered Shock Lance on the caster. This increases the critical chance and lowers the casting time per stack.
Shock Lance consumes 2 Empowered Shock Lance stacks.
Casting Shock Lance will increase the mana cost of the next Shock Lance. This is a mechanic so you can choose to get extra damage from Shock Lance and end up being incredibly mana inefficient, or get consistent mana-efficient nuking. Shock Lance is a column spell, and will hit all enemies between the caster and the target (although only a 1m radius).
Soul Resonance no longer feeds your pet mana. When you cast Shock, that target will explode 2 seconds later, inflicting electrical damage on nearby enemies.
Spell - Pact of Earth Walking is now a permanent effect on your pet. The damage increase has been lowered to compensate for this.
Pact of Earth Walking now allows pets to cast the Team Heal effect. This spell can only be cast once every 20 seconds.
Investing feat points in Wicked Bolts now also increases the damage dealt by this spell by 100% per rank.
Planar Shift now costs 30% of your base mana.
Planar Shift cooldown has been increased to 5 minutes.
Abaddoron Warrior will now show in the GUI the number of times the buff has been applied.
Shockstrike has been changed to be a 2.5 second cast spell by default. When Shockstrike was rebalanced for 1.05, it was significantly overspecced. This has been corrected, and it now behaves correctly as a 2.5 second cast spell.
The Succubi should no longer look like they are chewing gum while in their idle animation.
Swift Shockstrikes has been removed and replaced with Spell - Circle of Magic. This feat still gives the +1% damage per rank to Shockstrike. In addition, it enables the Circle of Magic spell. This creates a temporary magic zone that grants 2/4/6/8/10% magical mana tap to all allies that stand within it.
When the spells were rebalanced, Waves of Flame was incorrectly given a coefficient that was too high. This has been corrected, and it now has a slightly lower coefficient.
Pact of Dread now increases the critical damage bonus of Shock and Shock Lance. You will now correctly gain the Pact of Dread effect when your pet performs a critical hit. You cannot gain the Pact of Dread effect if you are running the spellweaving Hand of Doom buff.
Fixed multiple issues with the Demonic Warlord pet not correctly getting the bonus for all ranks of pet-augmenting feats. Fixed an issue where the Demon Familiar pet was not getting the bonus from rank 1 of Fury of the Underworld.
The demons the Demonlogist can summon have new textures.
Fixed a bug with the Overload Feat making Inferno of Amher overwrite itself when it reached a stack size of 2.
Fixed a problem where the Overloaded Shockblast feat was not increasing the chained damage of Shockblast (Rank 1).
Increased the cast time of Storm Chains to 0.5 seconds.
Reduced the duration of Storm Chains to 10 seconds.
Increased the cooldown of Storm Chains to 40 seconds.
Shrink will now only affect the Demon pets summoned by the Demonologist.
Incinerate Stacks: Incinerate will now only stack up for the player that casts it. If an other player casts Fires of Gehenna they will no longer start on the same stack as the other demonlogists that have already stacked up Incinerate. Detonation will now only consume the casters Incinerate stack.
Shield of Infernal Flames will now last 1 hour. Up from 30 mins.
Reduced the radius of the Black Ashes effect to match the radius of Inferno of Amher.
Spellweaving buff Hand of Doom will now correctly give a 100% crit chance to Gate of Hell, Inferno of Amher, Shockblast, Thunderclap and Waves of Flame. The 100% crit chance to Hell's Garden has been removed from the buff.
Reduced the Incinerate damage bonus of the Lingering Flames feat to 30/60/90/120/150% (down from 45/90/135/180/225%)
Significantly increased the spell damage coefficient of Fires of Gehenna (Rank 1).
Reduced the bonus damage granted to your pet with Pact of Earth Walking to 100% (down from 166%)
Reduced the critical damage bonus of Pact of Dread to 10/20/30/40/50% per respective trained feat point (was 20/40/60/80/100%)
Incinerate will now only stack up for the player that casts it. If an other player casts Fires of Gehenna they will no longer start on the same stack as the other demonlogists that have already stacked up Incinerate.
Detonation will now only consume the casters Incinerate stack.

Combat Mastery feat has been changed. This feat now provides you with the Combat Mastery Stratagem. When active, this stratagem increases your base weapon damage.
The border of your active Tactic/Maneuver/Stratagem will now highlight.
Changed the Guarded buff you get when using your Guard combos. This now gives you a 10% bonus to your armor while active. Swapping weapons still removes this buff.
Polearm Mastery feat has been replaced by Relentless, and should now give the player a 2,4,6,8,10% chance to resist stun & fear effects.
The natural health regeneration from the Toughness feat has been reduced.
Toughness - Changed to increase the Guardian armor by 1/2/3/4/5%.
Weapon Master feat has been changed. It now grants a new ability - Cry of Havoc. This ability hits the closest 4 targets near the Guardian for minor damage and generates a high amount of hate.
The internal cooldown of Redoubt has been lowered by 10 seconds.
The stamina burn effect of the Disable combo can now crit. The Brutal Maiming feat now increases the chance of this stamina burn effect to critically hit. The critical hit check for the stamina burn is a separate roll from the combo critical hit check, so it can crit independently.
The scaling of Bloody Vengeance has been lowered, as it was doing far too much damage too quickly with a high Vengeance counter. Each stack of Vengeance now increases the power of Bloody Vengeance by 4% per feat point invested (so 20% per Vengeance counter with all 5 points in Bloody Vengeance).
Relentless Assault now reduces the cooldown of Skewer and Disable by 10 seconds and Guard and Storm Strike by 5 seconds (up from 3 seconds on Disable, 6 seconds on Skewer, 2 seconds on Guard, and no improvement for Storm Strike).
Increased the damage done by the charge attack when using Impale.
The bleed effect from Impale should now always tick four times.
Using Riposte after evading an attack now reduces the cooldown of Riposte by 3 seconds.
Increased the damage of Riposte when it is used after evading an attack.
Skewer will now also apply a 60% snare effect to the targets it hits. This snare lasts for 6 seconds.
Storm Strike no longer has a knockback effect.
Reduced the cooldown of Storm Strike to 25 seconds.
Disarming Aggression now affects Skewer and Storm Strike.
Defiance now heals the Guardian for 2% of his max health per tick. Now has an initial tick and will always heal four times.
Changed Lightning reflexes into giving 2.5% passive evade chance aswell as granting a clickable ability that clears the cooldown timer on the following Guardian Tempest abilities. Impale, Disarming Aggression, Guard, Stagger, Disable, Riposte, Skewer, Storm Strike. The ability has a 5 minute cooldown.
At level 10 you will now gain a new ability - Reckoning. You will be able to use this immediately after using a Flashing Arc, Disable or Storm Strike combo to inflict damage on the target, or around you in the case of using it after Storm Strike. If used after Disable, you will regain some stamina. It is intentional that this only works with pole arm combos. All existing guardians will get this ability when they next log in. It inflicts more damage when you are in frenzy stance.
Guard Destroyer now applies the Physical Ruin debuff (-15% physical invulnerabilities)
Guard Destroyer cooldown increased to 45 seconds.
Juggernaut has been tweaked. The spell damage bonus has been removed and the weapon contribution bonus has been increased to 70%.
Enduring Defense Manoeuver will now give the Guardian Armor instead of Generic Invulnerability Rating. The amount of armor gained will be scaled based on the player level.
Reduced the critical bonus damage on Flashing Arc gained via the Brutal Sweeps feat to 10% (down from 17.5%).

Herald of Xotli
The pulsing area fire damage from Avatar of Xotli has been corrected to gain the same benefit from bonus magic damage as the Desecrating Essence pulsing area damage (it was too high).
Clarity of the Mad now provides passive resistance to fear effects instead of modifying the Sign of Xotli spell to have this resistance effect.
The increase in damage of the pulsing Hellstep damage when you are polymorphed has been decreased to 100% (own from 400%)
The Tongue of Xotli fire pits are now able to crit on their pulsing AOE damage, and they should no longer be susceptible to crowd control effects.
Inferno Curse has been changed. There is now just a single rank of this spell (rank 2 and 3 will no longer appear in your spellbook and cannot be cast). It now causes a 10% elemental invulnerability debuff (affecting fire/cold/electrical). The cast time has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds. This spell now costs 7% of your base mana to cast. This spell also has a DoT and a negative damage multiplier.
Updated Mindless Brute to match the new health values.
Touch of Hell now reduces the cooldown of Hellstep by 15 seconds.
Burning Skull is now an instant cast 3 charges spell that triggers when someone attacks you.
Lingering Hell: Changed functionality of feat to increase the ticks from the AoE after the Hellstep by 1 tick per point.
Flame Tongue: The Duration of this buff has been changed to 15 seconds, up from 10.
Xotli’s Vengeance: The duration of this buff has been changed to 15 seconds, up from 8.
Body and Spirit Wrack: Reduced the animation length of the combo finisher.
Fiery Enervation: This spell and it’s effects have been merged into Inferno Curse.
Arcane Abatement: This spell is now instant cast, has a 6 second duration, 45 second cooldown, and greatly increases your cold protection. This is now meant to be used tactically in combat, not as a long duration buff.
Avatar of Xotli: There is now a new model for this buff.
Exultation of Xotli: This has been changed into 4 ranks. You now gain the first rank at level 30.
Increased the max absorb value of the Herald's damage absorb shield spell Contract of Protection. It should now be equal to the Necromancer and Demonologist versions.
The bonuses for rank 3 and rank 4 for Improved Phoenix Cloak were inverted, giving the rank 4 bonus at rank 3 and the rank 3 bonus at rank 4. This has been fixed.
When you gain the Fury of Xotli buff, a short, basic particle effect is now played to make it easier to spot when you have a free Hellfire Breath.
Fixed the Hellfire Feast feat to correctly give you physical mana tap as per the intention and description, rather than magical mana tap.
The Fiery Weapons proc can now crit.
Hell Strikes VI should now play the proper animation on Female characters.
Rage of Xotli reduced to increase the damage of Hell Strike by 1/2/3% (Down from 3/6/9%).
Inferno curse now applies Elemental Ruin instead of Elemental Wrack. It will not stack with the debuff applied through Molten Steel Slash etc. Cooldown has been increased to 45s.
Bonds of Anguish has been removed and replaced with Chains of Anguish. This is a short duration, fast casting damage over time spell. When the damage triggers, that target and any others between the target and the herald will take damage. There is a synergy between Chains of Anguish and Clarity of the Mad, in that while Chains of Anguish is running, you will gain a 33/66/100% resistance to fear effects based on the number of feats in Clarity of the Mad.
Flame Lash has been changed from a combo into a spell. When you train the Flame Lash feat, you will now receive a spell. This spell has a long range, hitting a single target.
Changed Thundering flames effect from being a 1s silence to an interrupt effect.
Hell on Earth and Tongue of Xotli have swapped places in the feat tree. Tongue of Xotli is now a possession feat, while Hell on Earth is an Avatar feat.
Hell on Earth has been changed. This now grants you an instant-cast spell that creates a zone on the ground that gives you (and any other Herald that has Hell on Earth trained) a large increase in Combat Rating (fire) while you remain within the zone.
Tongue of Xotli has been changed to a cone spell, rather than a targeted column spell. Its damage has been increased.
Knowledge of the Underworld has been changed, and now gives an increase to magic fire damage.
Hatred of the Living has been changed to increase the damage of Hellfire Breath by 2% per rank.
Word of Command spell now only has one rank, gained at level 13.
The base damage of Inferno has been slightly increased. Additionally, Inferno gains an increased benefit from bonus magic damage based on the Flame Lash counter. Each Flame Lash counter grants an extra 2% coefficient to Inferno when it is cast. Inferno has a new particle effect to better signify when you have it running.
Avatar Feat: The Flame Cleave has been changed to no longer trigger a damage ability behind the target you hit. It will now passively give you Combat Rating Fire instead.
The bonus combat rating gained from Avatar of Xotli has been lowered. The active damage proc gained from Avatar of Xotli has been removed.
Demonic Link has been changed to only provide bonus magic damage, it no longer provides a combat rating bonus.
Chains of Anguish no longer provides resistance to Stun effects with Clarity of the Mad trained.

Because of the vastly different natures of Reanimation vs Nightfall necromancers, the manacost of the necromancer hostile spells have been changed to be a percentage of your base mana.
With the removal of the two magic rating buffs, that controlled which type of nukes you used, we used this as an opportunity to change the way some of your core nukes work. Pestilential Blast will not longer be a nuke-over-three-seconds spell, but turned into a true DOT. Flesh to Worms has been made into a long duration DOT. Chill is now instant cast and will consume Pestilential Blast for significant burst damage. Lifestrike has been changed to be a direct lifetap and had its stamina cost removed. Certain reanimation pet-augmenting feats will now also affect Lifestrike.
All spell casting pets are now able to crit. The Corruptor's Aura of Corruption is now able to crit.
Blasphemous Ruin damage increased.
The proc from Blasphemy can now critically hit.
Blighted One (melee pet) now has a proc to stack up a de-buff that lowers the target's Holy and Unholy Protection.
Bursting Bomb now has a secondary effect. It increases the damage that Chill inflicts.
Chill has had its base damage lowered. Chill is now instant-cast. Manacost of chill increased. If Pestilential Blast is running on the target, Chill will now consume Pestilential Blast and inflict a significant amount of damage.
Corrupted Soul now has a secondary effect. It increases the amount healed by Lifestrike. It no longer increases the damage of Lifestrike (given the small amount of damage that spell now inflicts).
Corpse Detonation (fixed a bug where the damage did not get recalculated when pet damage was changed from 3% to 7%). Increased target damage spec, but overall damage is reduced slightly because of this previous bug (down around 50ish points on average at level 80).
Deathly Blizzard will now stack up with minus elemental protection instead of cold invulnerability.
Dread Blight now has a secondary effect. It increases the amount of stamina gained from Harvest Spirit. It also causes your Lifestrike spell to additionally inflict stamina damage on the enemy, and increases the amount of mana damage inflicted by your Lifestrike spell.
Flesh to Worms has been changed to a 30 second dot.
Flesh of the Wight: The dots from this ability can now crit. They now also gain bonuses from your bonus magic damage. Changed the cast time to 1 second and the duration to 4 hours.
Freeze can now crit. Removed the level check on these spells so that the crowd control aspect will affect all levels. Fixed the Freeze effect triggered from Tome of Epithur to be in-line with the other freeze effects (was using the old mezz-type freeze)
Frenzy will now also put a -15% Unholy and Holy debuff on the target.
Frost Blast damage increased slightly. Removed the level check on these spells so that the crowd control aspect will affect all levels.
Gangrenous Stench will now give -10% invulnerability to all physical stats.
Gangrenous Stench has been changed. Targets cannot be affected by multiple overlapping AOE damages anymore, they will only be hit once.
Gelid Bones has been changed from a weak DOT to inflict instant damage. The base area size has been increased by 1m. This spell will now inflict triple damage against minions.
Gelid Bones will now show the damage in the tooltip for both minions and non-minions.
Grim Hunger is now a 33/66/100% chance to built up Spiritual Protection Debuffs.
Grip of Death damage has been lowered slightly. Manacost has been reduced. Grip of Death will do more damage the closer the target is to death. This will take effect when the target is below 60% and additional effect when the target is below 20%.
Ice Strike has had its cooldown removed. This is now your primary nuke spell.
Decay and Soul Frost have been changed slightly. The trickledown from bonus magic damage for these spells has been lowered. The damage has been increased slightly.
Fixed a problem where No Rest for the Dead would place Shatter on cooldown, and vice versa
Lifestrike now takes 0.5 seconds to cast, inflicts a small amount of instant damage but gives back significant health. The cooldown has been increased to 12 seconds, and no longer takes stamina to cost.
Mark of the Devourer - this spell has been changed slightly to emphasize its healing nature more than its damage nature (as Nightfall necromancers don't have the same range of healing options available as Reanimation necromancers). The duration has been reduced to 30 seconds, to make it in-line with your other core dots. Damage has been slightly reduced. The buff you receive that increases the damage of the Mark of the Devourer will now increase in power ever 7 seconds, rather than every 15 seconds. The healing power has been increased - healing will now occur every 6 seconds rather than every 10 seconds, and the amount gained each tick of healing has been increased. The increase in healing gained by spending additional points in this feat has also been increased. Additionally, if this DOT runs its entire duration, you will receive a significant heal at the end (this end heal is not increased in power by putting additional points into this feat).
Necrotic Pustule now has a secondary effect. It increases the duration of your Flesh to Worms spell, and Infestation effect by 6 seconds.
Night of the Harvester now has a secondary effect. It causes your Lifestrike spell to additionally grant you mana (Harvest Soul) and stamina (Harvest Spirit). It also increases the amount healed by Lifestrike. It also lowers the mana cost of your Lifestrike spell (by 50/100%).
Pestilential Blast has been changed to a 15 second dot. Its damage has been lowered.
You will now get Pestilential Blast (Rank 1) at level 7 and Chill (Rank 1) at level 1.
Plagued Heart Curse - reduced the casting time to 1 second. The damage caused if this triggers can now also crit.
Ruined Blight now has a secondary effect. It increases the amount of mana gained from Harvest Soul. It also causes your Lifestrike spell to additionally inflict mana damage on the enemy.
Set's Cold Hatred, Set's Ruin and Blasphemy have all been changed. These buffs now exist in only a single rank, and do not expire (but you can still only have one active at once). Set's Cold Hatred now gives you a passive amount of armor and critical rating, and whenever you perform a spell critical hit, your pets gain a short term damage buff. Set's Ruin now gives you a passive amount of fire, cold and electrical protection, in addition to spell penetration, and whenever you use Chill to consume Pestilential Blast you gain a short term increase to your base spell damage. Blasphemy now gives you a passive amount of holy and unholy protection in addition to hit rating, and while active your Flesh to Worms has a chance of inflicting 2 ticks of damage whenever it inflicts periodic damage. Blasphemy does not stack with the conqueror's Marshal the Ranks battle cry. The goal behind these changes is to make these spells more of a choice, depending on what role you are playing.
Unholy Hands - increased manacost.
Tome of Epithur - Changed cast time to 1.5s. Changed mana cost to 25% of base mana. Changed self frost/unholy +bonus damage to +generic magic damage.
Wither Soul has been renamed to Withered Soul, and has been changed. When you perform a critical hit, you have a 50/100% chance to gain the Withered Soul effect, which makes your next Ice Strike instant cast. This cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds, and cannot occur if you are under the effect of the Death God buff.
Wretched Heart Curse has been changed. When trained, it will change the Plagued Heart Curse spell to cause the cursed enemies to place a heal-over-time effect on their target when it triggers. This heals 1/2/3% of total health every 4 seconds for 8 seconds, and cannot be placed on the same target more than once every 20 seconds.
Lifestealer and Harvester: The heal/regen from these two pets now persists for 1 second, so you can only get an effect every second at max. (In the past you would occasionally get bursty patches of lots of healing/regen procs). Removed the variance from these spells, so they always give you the same amount back. Slightly increased the amount based on the proc chances.
The Master of the Dead feat now also removes the Shackled Heart requirement from the Ghoulish Feast spells in addition to its current effects.
Ghoulish Feast duration has been reduced to 15 seconds for all ranks.
The effect of the Deathly Resilience and Unnatural Dexterity feats have been lowered. Deathly Resilience now gives the pets a 5/10/15% immunity increase. Unnatural Dexterity now gives the pets a 5/10/15% evade increase (except for necrotic bomb pets).
The Empowered Archmage feat was providing too much of a benefit and has been reduced. It now increases the damage by 2% per rank.
No Rest For the Dead has been changed. In addition to granting you the existing spell, the feat will permanently lower the casting time of your pets by 5/10/15%. The duration of the buff has been reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
The Frenzy spell will no longer go on cooldown if it does not affect a pet.
The Blood Arcanist pet is now able to properly trigger Cabal. Fixed the proc rate of Cabal for the Archmagus pet (it was way too low). The Blood Arcanist pet now correctly has its AOE radius increased by the Empowered Archmagus feat, just like the Archmagus pet.. Corrected the proc rate of Spiritual Torment gained from the rank 1 and rank 2 Grim Hunger feats for the Blood Arcanist and Archmagus pets (it was too low).
Corrected an issue with DoTs to ensure that you will always get all ticks off each spell.
Frenzy should no longer interrupt pet actions.
Pets should be a lot more responsive after killing their target.
The attack command should always lock nero pets to the selected target even if you are in assist mode.
Particle effects in Necromancer pet spells should no longer appear long after the "throw spell" animation.
All Necromancer caster pets now have casting animations.
The duration of Despoil the Soul has been increased to 1 hour. (Up from 12 minutes).
Cannibalism has been improved. The amount of mana gained has been increased by 25% for each rank. It is now instant cast. The cooldown of the spell has been lowered to 2 seconds.
The damage caused by Chill when it detonates has been increased. The coefficient of this spell has been significantly increased, so it scales very well with bonus magic damage..
The Ancient Souls feat has been changed to "Spell - Ancient Soul". In addition to its previous effects to increase the lifespan of Parasitic Soul pets, this feat now grants the Ancient Soul spell. This spell inflicts unholy damage on the target and causes a Parasitic Soul pet to be summoned.
The feat "Spell - Corpse Detonation" has been removed and replaced with the feat "Spell - Undead Champion: Slaughter Wraith". This new spell allows the summoning of a new undead champion pet, the Slaughter Wraith. This pet costs 6 points to summon and maintain
The following spells have changed from being point-blank AOE spells to be target AOE spells: Parasitic Soul Swarm, Decay, Soul Frost and Plagued Heart Curse.
The necromancer pet "Blighted One" had a slight health fix, and will now appear with 100% healthbar on the client when it is a full health. This change is only visual, and does not affect the combat performance.
Removed the Aura of Corruption proc from the Corruptor minion when Grim Corruptor feat is trained.
Slightly reduced the proc rate of the Corruptor minion's Corruption Touch proc.
Reduced the critical chance bonus granted by the Brutal Death feat to 1/2/3/4/5% (down from 2/4/6/8/10%)
Chill will now only detonate your own Pestilential Blast.
Detonating Pestilential Blast will now only remove your Pestilential Blast from the target.
The Ritual of the Lich now uses Base Spell Damage.

Priest of Mitra
The damage and mana costs of all the hostile PoM spells have been re-calculated.
Avert Thine Eyes will now add -15% Unholy and Holy Invulnerability. The effect off the miss-chance on target has been reduced.
The feat Blinding Light has been removed and replaced with the feat Divine Halo. Your holy nukes build up Divine Blessings on yourself. When this reaches 5, you gain the Divine Halo effect, which will periodically heal the lowest health friendly target close to you. Each heal performed will use up a Divine Blessing.
Clarity of Mind has been rebalanced. Cooldown has been reduced by a third, and damage % component of the spell has been reduced by a third.
Imperil is reduced to one rank. The debuff part has been increased to -10% holy and unholy damage invulnerability.
The mana cost of Lance of Mitra has been split between the base spell and the Divine Lance feat. Training the Divine Lance feat will increase the mana cost of Lance of Mitra with each rank.
Sustaining Faith has been changed to have a single rank. It is now a channeled spell with a 5 minute cooldown that returns 15% mana per tick (60% total). Undying Belief now causes Sustaining Faith to place a separate absorb shield buff when channeling has finished, and reduces the cooldown of Sustaining Faith by 30 seconds per rank. Determination and Relentless Faith no longer affect Sustaining Faith.
Fixed an issue which would sometimes allow the Holy Vengeance buff to be active multiple times.
Soul of Mitra now includes stun, fear, and charm immunity.
Increased the scaling of Lingering Flames with gear.
Increased the damage scaling with gear of Purifying Light.
Decreased the Cast Time of Imperil to 1 second.
Exorcism cast time has been reduced to 1 second.
Spellweaving for Priest of Mitra should now work the same as Demo and Necro spellweaving. When rank 6 is reached, you should always have 6% magic damage increase initally (excluding other beneficial spells triggered from spellweaving). This will gradually scale up to 25% magic damage increase for every refresh of spellweaving rank 6.
Emanation of Life will no longer cost extra mana to cast when Light of Mitra is active.
The Armor of Faith-buff will now give armor instead of physical invulnerabilities.
The damage from Mitra's Searing Eye as been increased against non-undead or demon targets. The damage against Undead and Demons remains the same.
The Priest of Mitra spellweaving buffs no longer affect the obsol