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Title: WoW 9.0: (Insert Shadow-theme title here)
Post by: luckton on November 02, 2019, 04:30:01 PM
So, yeah, BFA sucked balls. Turns out taking the things that made Legion cool and trying to make them cooler by doing all the wrong things didn't work out. Who knew?! :why_so_serious:

So, in light of the popularity of Classic, the backfire of BFA, and the apparent theme of 2019 in that your project must have the word "shadow" in it, we're off to the Shadowlands to fight Sylvanas and whatever other-worldly grimdank that's been giving her demon vitamins.

Some hot takes:
- The "Lich King" is dead, but Bolvar's still breathing and will be the Khadgar of the expansion.
- You have to choose one of the four factions in the new expansion to bind yourself to. You can switch later, but of course at a cost. Each faction will give you unique abilities and gear. This is the artifact weapon/necklace thing of the expansion, but they've said that AP grinding is not a thing this expansion. Just old fashioned rep grinding.
- LEVEL SQUISH: After 8 expansions, two stat squishes, and years of grind, levels are getting the axe. Everyone at the cap will go back down to 50 and will grind to 60 for Shadowlands.
- The 1-10 grind can be your choice of the classic "starter" zones, or an all new tutorial zone.
- The 10-50 grind will be your choice of Vanilla or any WoW expansion. Each expansion is being re-tuned to be a proper leveling experience, scaled so that when you hit 50 you should be at the end of that expansion's level grind content.
- Classes are being re-tuned to be jacks of all trades of their skill sets instead of feeling like each spec is a unique, stand-alone class. Specs will still be there, but classic stuff is coming back (Paladin auras, Shaman totems, Rogue Poisons, etc.)
- No new classes, no new races. Just more allied races. They are adding more advanced customization for the base classes (humans can now be sub-racial ((orient, black, etc.)), undead can hide their bones, more troll tatts, etc.)
- All races can be Death Knights

Maybe it's some combination of BFA leaving a bad taste or the years of playing, but this isn't exciting me as much as previous expansions have done. I think I could get hyped for this, but we'll see how things develop over the coming months.

Title: Re: WoW 9.0: (Insert Shadow-theme title here)
Post by: luckton on April 09, 2020, 10:02:56 AM
Alpha has finally launched, and the datamining has begun!


Bliz also posted a bunch of blogs about content and class changes planned so far.


I'm getting a little hyped for this. 8.3 was a good patch; it didn't end BFA on a high note, but decent enough given all the problems they ran into. Covenant factions are going to be the new azerite armor powers this expansion, so many they won't fuck them up so badly this time? Need more info on this whole "soul bind" progression sytem to see what stuff you get.

Title: Re: WoW 9.0: (Insert Shadow-theme title here)
Post by: Draegan on April 17, 2020, 08:57:02 AM
Amazing. I totally forgot WOW existed and I accidentally glanced at the graveyard.

Title: Re: WoW 9.0: (Insert Shadow-theme title here)
Post by: luckton on April 17, 2020, 02:37:44 PM
It's a good time to get in, for first-timers and returners. They just gave everyone a 100% bonus XP on all gains from now until the Shadowlands pre-patch launches (which has no date yet).

Also, rep gains are getting a 100% starting next week for 30 days, which is nice if you want to unlock one of the allied races for play. Or just wait for Shadowlands, since they're removing the rep requirement for 9.0.

Title: Re: WoW 9.0: (Insert Shadow-theme title here)
Post by: Draegan on April 20, 2020, 10:23:45 AM
I'll probably never play a tab target based game ever again.

Title: Re: WoW 9.0: (Insert Shadow-theme title here)
Post by: Kail on May 10, 2020, 01:29:49 PM
The tower of Torghast thing sounds like it might be fun to me; the last patch with the horrific visions has been some of the best solo content in the game so far, and Torghast looks like it's building on that.  Otherwise, not much is looking interesting here, aside from the massive changes to the lore, and I'm more than a little skeptical on that front after the gross mess that the Battle for Azeroth storyline turned out to be.

The "revamped leveling experience" thing is really needed, but also has a high chance of turning out not great... we'll see.  The last major change they made to leveling was the level scaling thing, which I hate, and this looks like they're extending that concept even farther now.  But it does need a revamp, so maybe it won't suck.