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Title: Westworld
Post by: luckton on June 21, 2018, 07:14:14 AM
A lot of people are saying this is a Fallout Shelter clone. And they would be somewhat right.

Basic gameplay steps:

- Construct buildings that allow Guests to visit.
- Build Hosts
- Assign Hosts to Guests that showed up in your buildings to fulfill Interactions
- Once the Interaction is complete, Hosts get XP and you get Coins.
- Spend Coin to build/upgrade buildings and unlock more stuff
- Spend Coin to build/upgrade Hosts to make them fancier.

Hosts work on the same Gacha 5 Star system that you've seen before. For every Star rank, a Host gets one skill that help them pair up and interact with Guests. You can feed low star Hosts into high-star hosts to XP and/or rank them higher. Hosts can wear out over time and need to be sent off to be debugged/refreshed. If the Interaction with a Guest doesn't work out well, a Host might get killed and need to be sent off for a full repair, which takes producible consumables to do.

Only been playing for a day or so, but so far I haven't hit a paywall. Premium currency will of course let you get high rank Hosts, but I have yet to need them. Of what Premium currency I have spent has been to unlock slots for debugging/rebuilding Hosts, and having more total Hosts.

There's nothing earth-shattering here that hasn't been seen before, but if you enjoy the show and want a different take on the Fallout Shelter model, this isn't bad.

Title: Re: Westworld
Post by: luckton on June 21, 2018, 07:46:07 AM
There's a whole suite of progress tasks to do that teach you the game and various functions. I would suggest holding off on mass-producing Hosts until you get the "build 15 Hosts" task.

Current wall: The Man in Black wants to have an interaction at the Sheriff's Office. I have Hosts that have the Skill to match and can be slotted to Interact with him, but they're too cheap to satisfy his desires and resolve the Interaction. One of my 3 star Hosts could do it if I rank him up to 4 star, but I don't have enough other 3 star Hosts to feed the one that would rank him up.

I don't "have" to satisfy the MiB right now; no current task with a reward to do so. The MiB will leave in a day, but until then he'll occupy a slot in the Sheriff's Office awaiting an Interaction, which slows down my progress on the Sheriff's Office task list. It's not a big deal, but just kinda inconvenient that I can forcibly evict the MiB from the slot.

Title: Re: Westworld
Post by: schild on June 21, 2018, 08:18:31 AM
People would say itís a fallout clone because itís mostly a reskin. Same team.

Title: Re: Westworld
Post by: Trippy on June 22, 2018, 03:05:59 PM
And now they are in trouble for that with Bethesda suing both Warner Bros and Behaviour Interactive.


Title: Re: Westworld
Post by: luckton on June 23, 2018, 05:38:03 AM
Typical...first gacha game that I like and it's going to get sued into oblivion due to shady programmers being shady. :sad:

Title: Re: Westworld
Post by: luckton on January 16, 2019, 12:47:37 PM
Aaaaaand shutdown.


Guess that lawsuit didn't work out in their favor  :grin: