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Title: Tell Me What I'm Doing Wrong
Post by: Quinton on January 18, 2014, 06:03:02 AM
Tried a Phantom New Player M14 Draft (4 person) tonight, ended up with a mess of a RBU deck that allowed me to hang on by the skin of my teeth and end up winning the tournament (which was pretty awesome).

I tried to record the replay of the most entertaining match with fraps, but could not get it to work before the replay vanished into oblivion.  I really wish they'd fix that.  Any suggestions for better tools for recording this stuff if I want to be able to review it afterwards?



Last Round, Game One (I win):

Last Round, Game Two (I lose -- drew no islands, got messy):

Last Round, Game Three (I win):

Title: Re: Tell Me What I'm Doing Wrong
Post by: Ingmar on January 18, 2014, 05:06:08 PM
Off the top of my head:

- You're playing 3 colors with no fixing. You should really try to be in only 2 colors in a set like this, and in M14 even some monocolor decks are viable. Unless your deck is incredibly tight running 3 colors is going to get you in trouble.
- You're playing a draft deck with only 8 creatures. I guess you could maybe count the vile rebirths as creatures, but that only gets you to 10 still. In almost any draft environment you should be shooting for 15-17 creatures (ideally anyway. You often won't get there but 8 is realllllly thin). You also kind of compound this by running 2 creature enchantments without enough creatures to be sure you have a good target for them.
- Tome Scour does nothing in this deck except maybe enable some Vile Rebirths, Demolish is also pretty weak. Same with Lava Axe.
- You have some reasonably good blue in your pile that you didn't play. Without going card by card, I think you should probably be U/B with this pile of cards and leave out the red since you have no fixing to make a splash reasonable.

I haven't looked through the picks (yet).

Title: Re: Tell Me What I'm Doing Wrong
Post by: Quinton on January 18, 2014, 10:07:13 PM
Three colors was definitely a problem -- I had never really played blue/control before and don't think I trusted it enough -- in practice I didn't use much red (except for those +3/firststrike enchantments that proved super useful a few times) and probably could have had something reasonable with more blue/black critters.

I ended up bringing  in more of the blue from the sideboard in both rounds.

I'm really annoyed that MTGO does not let you save replays (or get at them for long after the match ends).  Gotta find a windows video-record solution that works for me.

edit: figured out how to record video with OBS.