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Title: Sanitarium - Dreamforge - PC
Post by: Lucas on December 15, 2013, 06:33:15 PM

Point and click adventure game originally released in 1998.

Well, I just finished it, and what can I say? YES, it IS fun...and also totally fucked up :)

It's one of the few "pure" point and click adventures with an horror/psychological theme (another notable one is "I have no mouth and I must scream"). Of course I'm not counting other "hybrid" action adventures like Phantasmagoria, 7th Guest or Alone in the Dark.

You'll meet twisted and deformed children who're being held (mentally) captive by a plant mutated by a meteorite; you'll be an Aztec god, but also a 4-arm alien trying to destroy an insect hive....and much more. The plot is gripping (the game in general is on the "longish" side) and well written, puzzle are entertaining, not really difficult; dialogues are good (sometimes the protagonist is a bit repetitive with his lines and tone), nice voice acting.

It's really  a fantastic jewel which has been a bit overlooked (by me as well) in the past, so I'm really glad that I finally got around playing it, thanks to GOG.