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Title: Grand Prix Austin
Post by: schild on January 09, 2012, 09:13:20 AM
Results: I dropped before the event started.

Why? Apparently the store I was at DIDN'T have 2 sets of byes to give out, so they took away my byes from DESTROYING their GP (lost one game over 9 rounds). So uh, yea, I was way too angry to play and decided to get my money back.

Went 6-2 in the TCG Player invitation. Got my invite for the $50k tournament in Indianapolis next December. Got two byes as well.

Went 4-2 drop in the SCG tournament because I was tired of playing Magic and had cards that were easier to sell than trade (specifically, an altered Juzam Djinn and a pile of EDH crap I'd picked up from Craigslist).

Picked up over 20 foil unhinged lands in trade, along with some random spiciness like a playset of foil Unearths (one Japanese) and 13 foil planeswalkers. About 200 other cards were picked up. My trade binders were emptied completely. Feels good man.

Title: Re: Grand Prix Austin
Post by: Xilren's Twin on January 09, 2012, 08:47:18 PM
So what do we offer first, condoloences or congratulations? 

Seriously, that GP screw up sounds like complete BS.  How had is it to organize who can give out byes...

Title: Re: Grand Prix Austin
Post by: schild on January 10, 2012, 07:45:45 AM
Apparently about 6 months ago, Wizards sent out a notice that GPTs could only give out one set of byes. So the tournament I went undefeated in (over 8 f'ing rounds no less, in one day) and let the other guy get the win in the finals since we both had the same prize coming got the byes and I got absolutely nothing.

This happened at multiple stores in Austin. While I'm going to get that store to give me a king's ransom in terms of prizes, I also feel like I should be blaming the local WOTC rep for not disseminating this change. It's one thing if a single store messes up like this. It's another if multiple do about the exact same issue in the exact same way.

Title: Re: Grand Prix Austin
Post by: Strazos on January 15, 2012, 10:31:37 AM
No kind deed goes unpunished.