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Title: Casual Deck Advice
Post by: Thrawn on September 05, 2011, 05:54:27 PM
Just looking for some advice on a deck I'm building for a casual tournament with a bunch of friends next weekend.  The format is - Tribal EDH/Commander, minimum of 25 creatures of your tribe.   I went with Vampires because why not. (My first thought was Wizards but I decided it wouldn't be any fun to play as or against a deck that just counters everything and combos off for a win and I'd have to buy too many cards to play Slivers.)  So keep in mind that I will be playing against creature heavy aggro decks as well.  Using the commander ban list and most of the tribal ban list as well.

My general is Garza Zol which puts me in BRU.  My biggest question is if I should just dump all U/R other than a little to play the general in order to really smooth out the colors of the deck since so many of my spells in any color are double or even triple color cost.  I guess I could even dump Garza all together and go mono black completely or B/U or even B/W but I do like the haste/flying/card draw on her. I do NOT own duals and fetch lands.  If I went more mono B it would probably be something like -

-Spell Crumple
-Cruel Ultimatum

+Sanguine Bond
+Consume Spirit
+Tendrils of Corruption
+Drain Life
+Vampiric Tutor

Then of course make the land base almost all Swamp with a little splash to be able to cast my general.  Thoughts anyone?

If it matters the other tribes for sure taken so far are -
Karona (Humans)
Horde of Notions (Elementals)
Ezuri (Elves)
Kaalia of the Vast (Angels)
Ghave (Saprolings/Thalids)
Kemba (Cats)
Something (Zombies)

Title: Re: Casual Deck Advice
Post by: Thrawn on September 05, 2011, 09:38:06 PM
Decklist 2.0 after a scolding from Schild over my bad deckbuilding skills -

Cards I'm not running becuase I don't own them -

Still need to cut 10 cards...
Bribery?  Cruel Ultimatum?  Blade of the Bloodchief?  Should I still run Hinder/Spell crumple since my land base won't always have me on double blue early?  Is Aether Vial still any good if I don't get it out like first 3-4 turns?
Should I run the transumte package? (Briainspoil, Dimir House Guard, Dimir Machinations, Shred Memory, Sizzy Spell)

Title: Re: Casual Deck Advice
Post by: Johny Cee on September 07, 2011, 12:50:33 AM
Commander isn't a format I play, so don't have much advice to give you.  Some broad suggestions:

- There are some uncommon fetchlands from a recent sets that might be an idea for mana fixing.  They aren't as fast, but they do fix.
- Signets and/or "karoo" (the bounce lands from Rav) are both good fixing.

- Innocent Blood and Barter in Blood are both good untargetted removal (causes sacrifice).  Innocent causes everyone to sac 1, Barter causes everyone to sac 2.
- Promise of Power is solid.  Either card advantage or a big token, or both!
- There's a bit of graveyard recursion that is straight up card advantage for you in a creature heavy deck.  Soul-stair expedition, for instance, let's you get back 2 creatures. There's also a 3 cc sorcery that does the same from a recent set.
- Any other "good" equipment should be a must-include.  Jitte or some flavor of Sword is preferable.
- Sign in blood for more card drawing?  Phyrexian Arena?

Black gives you a shitton of tutoring, which you have in deck already, so don't forget you can pack in some silver bullets.  A shatter storm or shattering spree, for instance, to ruin arty strategies.  Also, some things like Life's Finale (6 CC wrath effect) or Damnation could be thrown in.