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Title: 5 Year Anniversay events inc. account reactivation starting April 28
Post by: Trippy on April 24, 2009, 01:01:24 PM

Five years ago a trumpet call rung out for heroes...

From around the globe that call was answered and the streets, rooftops, and skies of Paragon City™ were filled with the widest variety of costumed crusaders ever seen. These stalwart players brought with them the courage, fellowship, and dedication that made Paragon once again a true City of HeroesŪ!

Since that fateful day much has changed. Enemies have fallen and new ones have risen in their place, proving that evil never sleeps. Threats came from alternate dimensions, mystical realms, other times, and even from our own world itself. Lord Recluse™ loosed an army of villains into the world, turning the Rogue Isles™ into the largest den of villainy in recorded history. His destined ones showed remarkable will, cunning, and determination in this City of VillainsŪ. Heroes and villains came into direct conflict with PvP battles, uncover new powers, found new worlds to explore...or conquer, broke through with new inventions, and flashed back through time. The most recent development has provided the tools for players to architect all new adventures and help take us into the future.

Now it is a time to celebrate all the triumphs of the last five years and so Paragon Studios™ has cooked up some special gifts for all our loyal fans.

Please join us for a month of celebration starting on our birthday, April 28th and continuing on throughout the month of May!

In-Game Events

We're not going to ruin the surprise...but suffice it to say that all CHAOS is going to break loose in-game on our anniversary date and you're not going to want to miss it! From 11am EST on April 28th to 12am EST, get ready to re-experience some of the things that have made City of HeroesŪ the great game that it is over the past five years! The festivities will be more fun than you can shake a stick at, and will include plenty of opportunities to earn merits, badges and XP.

But that's not all...

Some familiar faces will be hanging out on the Training Room Test Server throughout the day--ready to wish you a happy anniversary. They could be anywhere, but you're definitely going to want to check out Pocket D! So copy a character over and pay them a visit!

Don't know how to get on the Training Room? Learn here.

Global Anniversary Address From Positron™

Also on our anniversary day, be watching around 8pm EST in-game (and shortly thereafter on the website), for a special Anniversary Address from everyone's favorite Lead Designer, Positron. He will certainly have some fun information to share!

Anniversary Contests!

For your participating pleasure, we've got two fun contests with cool prizes that will be launching on April 28th and continuing throughout the month of May!

Details will magically appear on the website on our anniversary day, but until then, just start thinking about what masterpieces you might create for the following competitions:

5 Year Anniversary T-Shirt Logo Contest where the winning entry *may* very well get turned into actual shirts produced for a limited run!

City of HeroesŪ Video Homage Contest That's right. We're going to challenge you to be as creative as possible and video tape yourself (alone or with friends and loved ones), paying homage to City of Heroes (in whatever way strikes your fancy), in two minutes or less! Then, you'll postal mail your video to us on CD or DVD and viola-- you'll be enter. Will you write an original song about the game and perform it for us? Perhaps you'll execute an interpretative dance in costume? The sky is the limit so get those creative juices flowing and watch for the specifics coming soon!

It's A Re-activation Week!

We want everyone to benefit from our anniversary, so from April 28th until 11:59pm EST on Sunday, May 3rd, all expired retail and trial accounts that are in good standing will be able to access the live servers. Now is the time to encourage everyone you know to patch up and jump into the game so that they can experience with you our anniversary events, the new Mission Architect system and more!

5 Year Anniversary Badge

Now then...it just wouldn't be a City of HeroesŪ milestone event without a commemorative badge, would it?

Beginning at 11am EST on Wednesday, April 29th and continuing until 11:59pm EST on Sunday, May 31st we will be issuing each individual character you log into the game with, the following 5 Year Anniversary badge:


Just a reminder - this badge will be awarded per character, not per account!

All the fun all begins on the 28th and we can't wait for you to join us!

Thanks to you all for making City of HeroesŪ the success that it is.

Happy Anniversary!

Title: Re: 5 Year Anniversay events inc. account reactivation starting April 28
Post by: Trippy on April 28, 2009, 05:05:11 PM
In-game events currently happening. AVs (LR's posse and Freedom Phalanx members) and GMs are spawning en masse in various zones. These AVs apparently count towards the Recluse's Victory AV PvP badges, for those that badge-hunt but don't like to venture into the PvP zones. Rikti and Zombie invasions are happening as well.

Edit: the Winter Lodge zone is open now as well so you can do the ski runs right now.