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Title: Warrior Building - AI = 35 gold to GM
Post by: Cheddar on August 09, 2008, 09:08:58 PM
50 resist/50 Whatever secondary skill you want.  No need to bother with healing/anatomy/weapon/tactics at the beginning. 

Run to Skara Brae.  On the Eastern shore there is a boat - step on it and say "Cross."  Now head south east to the cotton fields - pick pick pick.  Take this cotton back to town (again, say "Cross" at the boat).  North of the tailor is a mage shop, get a mage hat. 

Now, head to tailor shop and fill up on cloth.  Obviously turn it into bandages.  Use Razor to put hat on/take off, use bandages, pause 12 seconds.  If you want mix in a skill like hiding.

GM Healing/Anatomy/Hiding (or other skill) within 24 hours.  Get the weapon you will be using.  Now hit up Minoc - bring a few hundred bandages and your favorite weapon.  Just south of town is a bad guy spawn; it includes a red human. 

Draw the red human up, create a macro to heal if below 90 health (Healing shoulda got you up to 90+ strength!).  The healing house is just south of town, and you will hit the 80's in skill within a couple hours.  You will die a few times until you get into the 60's of weapon skill. 

Viola, insta melee Character!  Literally takes 24-36 hours, most of which is AFK macro.

Edit. 4 Things I missed.
1. You need plate for this to work.  That I can get you (just ask!).
2. You will have 100 Str, 100 Dex, 25 Int if you set your attributes correctly.
3.  You Can get well above 80 skill doing this; I just wanted to share the wealth.  I have yet to die after getting 60+ skill (about 4 times before that, starting with 30 skill).
4.  I have a feeling you can GM this way, assuming you use crappy weapons.

edit 2.  You can still die.  Whats nice is the red retreats and heals when low on health.  Bring at least 1,000 bandages.

edit 3. Melee characters are 100% worthless except with PvP.  You have been warned.