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Title: update on animations.
Post by: Mrbloodworth on July 10, 2008, 08:45:29 AM
Time for another quick update. We are, granted that we've not missed anything or unknowingly broken anything, done with the tweaking of the animations. Testing has been going on for several days already, and it's all looking good. So, basically, what remains now is for the System Designers to do their part (ensure that everything does the amount of damage it should based on everything that plays a part in deciding how much damage it should do) and for us to merge it out to the test server.

As usual (unfortunately :<) I don't have an exact date for when it will reach the test server (or Live, but that should be roughly a week later if everything works as intended) but I felt that you should receive some update about where we are on this process.
Svein Erik "Sharum" Jenset
Striketeam Lead: BCC Design
Funcom Oslo AS

Link (http://forums.ageofconan.com/showpost.php?p=1486642&postcount=349)