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Title: Free month for old players.
Post by: Kitsune on April 24, 2008, 01:20:11 AM
After last night consisting heavily of my having a dream about playing Planetside and having only a broken beamer as a weapon, I received a mail today from our friends at Sony, informing me of the impending server merge and telling me that my account was reactivated until May 21st.  I'd never gotten around to uninstalling the client, so I fired it back up and logged in.  I didn't actually bother going out to fight anything, just messed around in VR with the new guns unlocked through the veteran merits.  Getting all of the new hacking and engineering certs would cost me 14 points, so I didn't get 'em; might make a new character to run around hacking stuff.

At this point, I consider Planetside too fucked to really bother with, and definitely too fucked to pay good money for.