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Title: Taming Template
Post by: Cheddar on March 22, 2008, 05:21:11 PM
So I have been wrestling with my current template; I feel I am not getting the most out of it.  Last night I went and tagged along with a veteran tamer; while I was watching him tame he turned all WTF green and the dragons ignored him.  After peeing my pants I managed to get my act together and asked him how he did that- the answer was Spell Weaving!

So I had a revelation; I can go spell weaving and get the ethereal form in lieu of peacemaking, thus freeing up 100+ skill points.  I am looking at a template like this:

100 Animal Taming
100 Vet
100 Animal Lore
100 Magery
100 Meditation
70ish Spell Weaving

Leaves roughly 130ish skill points to toy with.  Any thought/ideas on what to do with the rest?  I could drop Magery/Mediation somewhat and take carto/lock picking- dunno exactly.

Title: Re: Taming Template
Post by: WindupAtheist on March 23, 2008, 10:42:50 PM
Long-term you'll want to think about getting the scrolls to kick taming/lore past GM, so let's just say you have a hundred skill points to play with.  You could always add eval to give your spells some kick.  Or take resisting spells.  Tamers tend to wear armor with shitty resists but high luck, and are notoriously squishy if something gets past their pet.  Resisting spells at GM gives you a base 40 in every resist (doesn't stack with armor) and lets you get out of stuff like paralyze, thus making you a bit more likely to survive if something locks onto you.  Ethereal voyage is a nice spell, but it does cost a shitload of mana.

But really, I don't know.  This sort of character is way outside my experience.  I've always been melee.  Add something goofy like tailoring.  :-P

EDIT:  Get those drakes yet?

Title: Re: Taming Template
Post by: Cheddar on March 23, 2008, 11:23:40 PM
Drakes are chumps - I made some buddies (read:fawned over their massive awesome) who got me a dragon or two.  Lost 1, other is in stables waiting for bonding.

I need to get the ML to aquire spell weaving.  I figure, for 70 points I can get a "oh shit" get out of jail free card, as opposed to 200 points.  I have the scroll to raise taming to 105- this is enough to get a super dragon.  IF I can get one of those skill gem things I can easily get Cartography and a secondary "hunt" ability; not sure what the requirements are on them at this time.

2 things I never did before was treasure hunt and taming- I was REALLY missing out.  WUA- let me know if we need to make the house public (for ze vendors!)

Title: Re: Taming Template
Post by: WindupAtheist on March 24, 2008, 04:13:12 AM
Yup, must be public for ze vendors.  Just set the security on the front door to anything above "anyone" and put the vendors on the porch.

Title: Re: Taming Template
Post by: WindupAtheist on March 24, 2008, 10:31:38 AM
Incidentally, most of the little band of MMO pals I've been playing with for the last few years are tired of WoW again and are trickling back into UO.  So I haven't been on Atlantic much since I've been on Great Lakes with them.  Also, this is all happening between like midnight and six AM, which is when most of my playtime is.  So yeah, I don't mean to vanish on you.

I'm loving how artifacts have plummeted in price since they upped the drop rate in the Doom Gauntlet.  I mean don't get me wrong, the really nice ones are still up in the millions of gold, but only the low millions, with lots of good ones in the more attainable hundreds-of-thousands range.