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Title: 3rd tier of skills for Hacking About to be added.
Post by: Mrbloodworth on February 25, 2008, 08:57:55 AM
Changes in 3.15.1


Two new certifications have been introduced to continue the hacking profession.  An advanced hacker must choose whether he wants to further increase his hacking potential with the REK or move to the dark side of hacking and install electronic viruses with the new T-REK. For the dedicated hacker, we have created the Electronics Expert certification which lets you have all hacking abilities at reduced cost.  Here are a list of new abilities:


    * Expert Hacking
          o Hack and jack faster than ever before!
          o Jack occupied vehicles, booting all passengers.
          o Increase pain field damage in nearby spawn rooms.
          o Increase generator pain field damage.
          o Steal enemy field turrets instead of just deconstructing them.
          o Upgrade the Aegis Shield Generator with enhanced radar abilities.
          o Have increased sensor shield protection while hacking.
          o Remove viruses from infected equipment.


    * Data Corruption
          o Access a new equppable support item, the T-REK!
          o Infect vehicles' control systems, resulting in decreased speed and turn rate.
          o Install a virus into a facility's Main Terminal for a variety of effects:
          o Unlock all doors
          o Double NTU resource drain
          o Access all equipment terminals
          o Disable enemy radar
          o Disable linked benefits
          o Infect Wall Turrets and Spitfires so they will attack their own empire.
          o Infect Motion Sensors so they will display friendly units as enemies on radar.
          o Infect an Aegis Shield Generator to emit a pain field that damages friendly units.


When a facility's Main Terminal is infected, the virus will immediately take effect.  However, aside from noticing the effects of the virus, other empires will not be able to discern the type of virus installed, and won't be directly notified that the virus exists for a short time after installation.


    * Also introducing a new deployable object, the Sensor Disruptor:
          o Usable by certing Combat Engineering and Advanced Hacking.
          o Alternate use of the Motion Sensor firemode; use the change ammo key to access the Sensor Disruptor.
          o Completely masks nearby friendly units from enemy radar, even when detected by sensors.
          o Can be deployed in any SOI, but only outside and not too close to a building.
          o Shares deployable limit with Motion Sensors.


    * Miscellaneous other changes:
          o Color of REK beam and hacking support icon will change depending on the hacker's certification.
          o A different message will now be displayed when a Wasp has a missile lock on your vehicle.

Still on Test server, so some details may change.

Extra Snipts from Dev Postings:

For an extra bit of satisfaction and utility while using the T-REK, head over to the Main Console of the nearest enemy base and infect it with one of these Viruses! Effects and times vary so check out what they do below!

    * Unlock all base doors 60 minutes
    * Disable facility benefits 15 minutes All linked benefits (tech, bio respawn, vehicle repair, etc.) disabled
          o All vanu module benefits disabled
          o Will not affect benefits gained through continent/cavern lock
          o Will not disable benefits at neighboring linked bases
    * Remove Radar 15 minutes
          o Completely disables radar of friendlies in Sphere Of Influence of the facility
    * Access all base equipment terminals 2 minutes
          o Same effect as hacking terminals
          o Terminals can still be hacked, but hack has no effect
    * Double NTU drain 60 minutes
          o Resources drain at twice the normal rate!

From Beady:

To answer a few questions:

   1. Main Terminals will now be indestructible.
   2. Spawn room pain fields are boosted through any of that facility's Matrixing Panels. Gen room pain fields are boosted through that previously useless terminal at the entrance to every gen room.
   3. If a friendly spitfire is infected, you won't get grief for shooting at it and the CE won't get grief for it shooting at you.  The hacker gets credit for the kills.

A lot of the stuff is also explained in a couple of new sub-entries in the Equipment section of the help menu under REK and T-REK, so read up once you're in game for all the specifics.

Title: Re: 3rd tier of skills for Hacking About to be added.
Post by: LK on February 28, 2008, 06:40:56 PM
I'll give a shit if they reactivate all accounts free for 7 days after every major content patch.

Title: Re: 3rd tier of skills for Hacking About to be added.
Post by: bhodi on February 28, 2008, 10:59:41 PM
I hear that's not the only new hacking that's been going on!

Ho, ho ho, I slay myself.

Title: Re: 3rd tier of skills for Hacking About to be added.
Post by: Sky on February 29, 2008, 07:44:12 AM
Sing a slaying song tonight.

Title: Re: 3rd tier of skills for Hacking About to be added.
Post by: LK on March 02, 2008, 05:36:36 PM
God damn it.  What bothers me is that these changes are interesting and I want to try them.  Being able to knock pilots out of machines is like OMGFUCKYES.

Title: Re: 3rd tier of skills for Hacking About to be added.
Post by: Mrbloodworth on March 03, 2008, 02:56:31 PM
Me too, me too.